Raw and Real

Just so you all know, I fucking struggle with the same things you do almost every other day! I get so many messages from girlfriends, clients, social media contacts, saying how strong I am, resilient, and wise etc.

But I think it's right for you to all know a few things about me you don't see through social media. Don't get me wrong my life is great, I am happy, I am healthy, but life is a journey. I have to experience all the highs/lows, good/bad, and total BS that you also do, because we are all on a path that expects us to grow throughout our lives.

1. I still invest my time and energy into so many people that don't even give a fuck! I'm a helper, that's what I do! I try to save people from themselves and help them in whatever way I can, health, mind, finances, literally everything. And you know what? Most of them are unappreciative and never even say thank you😏 Of course I get disappointed initially, even angry, but you know what, everyone is fighting their own battles so who am I to harbor resentment. My job in life is to simply be a kind, compassionate and helpful human, regardless of how another person conducts themselves. You just have to forgive, learn from it and move on with your life.

2. People who should support me don't, and others, even friends try to sabotage me! 🤔Yeah that shit has happened to me for many years. It's a really shitter but you know what, you can't change other people's behaviours. At the end of the day you just have to understand that hurt people, hurt people. When people try to damage others, lie, and create dramas, it's sadly because they are extremely unhappy in themselves and their life. You just got to 'get on with it' and do you! The truth is always out there, and no matter what, you will still succeed if you work hard and do what you do with passion and integrity.

3. Injuries and issues that interfere with your health and fitness goals! Gosh this is totally my daily pain in the ass (although not literally haha🙈). My left shoulder girdle was injured 10 years ago in a car accident and this year has been an absolute bummer when it comes to my fitness goals. My neck and back have severely locked up so many times this year to the point I haven't been able to move for days. It's constantly nagging on me and all I want to do is be back training again. So yeah that frustrates me to no end almost daily. All I can do for now is get treatment, rest it, and do what I can, which is some basic cardio like bike and stepmill. At least I can move right!

4. I get disappointed in myself constantly because I feel like I don't do enough in the world, I'm not making enough impact, and constantly questioning my 'true purpose' on this planet. My mind is like a spinning wheel and it literally never stops. I even said to Marcus once that one day I'm going to keep a notepad and write EVERY thought that goes through my head each day! I think people would be in shock if they saw how busy my mind was. I'm not here to be 'average' so I carry a burden every day that is heavy as fuck, to be a better human and change the world and peoples lives in whatever way I can.

So you can see 'I get it'. I'm not immune to the crap life throws at you. No one is immune beautiful people. Everyone has struggles with life, their health, relationships, money, families, careers, studies, the environment and the world which we live it. It's all same but different, if that makes sense.

So how do you push forward?

The first way to manage life's bummers is to practice gratitude. Write a list or chat it out with your partner about everything you have to be grateful for in your life.

Secondly know your value. Your value doesn't change based on what other people think or say, or the mistakes you make along the way (unless your intentions are bad and you hurt others).

Next read, read, read! Get back to reading books! Any books, but most importantly self development. You need to build yourself from the inside, and books allow you to get a clearer perspective on certain things and life in general. They open your mind to other people's experiences so you can learn through them and understand different views of the world. They reinforce that everyone has struggles and that you are not alone, and empower you to be a better you.

Lastly know that nothing lasts forever. As soon as it feels like everything is going great, it again turns to shit, then before you know it you are out the other side looking back wondering how the fuck your got through it. Just do your best with what you can everyday and know that your best will change along the way. Life will continue to come with seasons so you just have to learn to peace out and ride the waves.

Being 'strong' is about a choice! Its not about a particular feeling or place you are at, it's about deciding to pick up everyday and keep going, while making the most of what is thrown at you along the way. I am an 'Empath' so trust me that my path is extremely challenging, but I know I myself that I MATTER and am worth it! If you are unsure of what that means click below and you will understand who I am a little better.


Live your life in the way that makes you happy, and be ok with the fact that often things fall apart, so better things can fall together.

I'm seriously cheering you all!

"She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulder and made it look like a pair of wings"