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Hey there!


Health & Fitness Professional.



These are a few words that I feel best represent me, what I do, and my approach to how I do it. They will either resonate and connect with you…orrrr yeah no, not for me! Haha

I’m really just a crazy little passionate mix of all thing health, happiness, and living a beautiful ife....but of course with NO BS!

I have so much EPIC stuff that I have brought to life in the world and hopefully it is a big, happy ‘HOLY CRAP I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU MY ENTIRE LIFE’!

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Purpose and Passion

Trying to explain what I do in a small box on my home page was just not going to happen, so I decided to write my 'novel' in a blog for those whose interest was tweaked. So here goes.....

My Stuff

Here is some of the magic I have worked hard to create for you fabulous beings:

Real Talk - My Blog is for a glimpse into my busy little working brain and learn some awesome info that I have spent a lifetime learning, and that has literally ‘LIT UP MY LIFE’! What makes it even more badass is being able to share it with you. If you have a strange obsession with reading my stuff then you will love my blog of unlimited word counts and inner thoughts. Take me to this magic immeadiately!

Feel Good Fitness – Oh hey there little ‘Lightworker’! You need a little help and guidance on building your badass body to bring your epic shit to the world? Check out my one-of-a-kind workouts that bring the FEEL GOOD back to fitness. [[Tell me more about this splendid training you speak of!

Feel Good Food – I was once like you, confused, overwhelmed, stressed, worried and constantly thinking about food. To be our best we need to be focused and have freedom from all the BS smashed into our faces every day from the so-called ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ industry, and of course the other fav ‘diet culture’. I got your back babes! Tell me more about this delightful nutrition!

Move By Minerva- Ahhh my beautiful little skincare company that is not just going to give you that fresh skin and majestical glow, because you need to shine your light bright right…...ain’t nobody got time blocked pores and barriers to badass. Find out more about this little gem and how this conscious brand will make a bigger impact on the world. I must know more about this splendiferous range!

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The Future:


It is time to unleash on the world and for women to come together and rise up. I'll need your help my little Lightworkers. More Info soon!

Current Life Goals for my Global Work

  1. Bringing back the feeling and feel good to fitness. So much focus on the 'aesthetics' of health and fitness. As a society we have been slowly brainwashed and forgotten that an active lifestyle is about optimal health and wellness.
  1. Bridging the gap between health and fitness and wellness. Overall health and wellness is about paying attention to and improving all areas of your life, not just the physical component. Don’t forget to work on your mental, emotional, social, environmental, financial and SPIRITUAL health kids.
  1. Creating more leaders and light workers through fitness. Because health and fitness is our foundation. When we take care of ourselves with balanced nutrition and training we can function at optimal and bring our best to the world. Health is wealth.

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'Each time I meet someone I silently wish them good health, joy and happiness'.

'Dear Universe, Please give everyone that reads this a brand new start and restore their happiness. Let their best days be ahead of them.'