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Purpose + Passion

Getting in shape not only has to do with the ‘food and exercise’ but also more importantly, about what is going on the inside. I learned very quickly through my coaching that the key to long term health and happiness was to help women create balance across all areas of life. After many years living in the ‘extremes’ I developed my approach by flipping the methods typically used to get in shape, to instead focus firstly on getting the body healthy through balanced nutrition and the right training, while working on finding inner happiness, and finally the hot body becomes the bonus.

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For almost 2 decades now I have worked within the health and fitness industry and provided coaching to help women not only get in great shape, but also show them how to find their best self and happiness, which ultimately leads them to their best body. In words it can sometimes seem simple, but I know how hard it is for many women in the world we live in today, to find their voice, their truth, and their purpose, on top of getting comfortable in their own skin.

My drive comes from not only seeing my clients and many women struggle to live their lives to the fullest because of their body shape, but because of my own personal experiences. I want to help women of all ages, all backgrounds, with all body types to stop letting their view of their body railroad their opportunity of living a life of their dreams. We women are just spending too much time worrying about our weight, our body shape, the constant stress of thinking about food, and feeling completely disheartened when it comes to getting into a healthy and happy place with our body. I have myself allowed my worry about how I look interfere in so many occasions in my life. I spent so many years avoiding certain occasions, not engaging fully in life, not contributing what I should to the world, because I was for too many years totally depressed about how I looked. It saddens me that so many of us are in pain and are really hurting because of the pressure we put on ourselves to meet an ideal of what we think, and want our bodies to be. This is just no way to live life.

I have a bigger purpose and message in the world, and it starts with showing you how to live a balanced life, treat your body with respect, get fit, super healthy, and not let your weight and body shape stop you achieving your goals, or living an awesome life anymore.

I am so glad you have found me! There are no ‘accidents’ in the Universe, so being here is exactly where you need to be right now for whatever reason, no matter if you are still unsure of that yourself. This is your invitation to find your healthy, find your happy, find your purpose, and your passion. It is the permission you have been waiting for to start taking care of YOU and chasing all those big goals and dreams that have been niggling at your soul for too long.

My mission is to help women on how to cut through all the BS and start to transform their lives. I am here to wake up women everywhere to start reconnecting to themselves and inspire them to start living again, finding some purpose in their lives, and stop playing small, because you know what...YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE, SO WHY ACT LIKE IT!

If you are ready to get fit, healthy, happy, and just in general find your fabulous, take a deep breath and put a big smile on that face, you are in the right place!

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