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"The badass carves her own path. She wears, drives, drinks, watches and listens to what she chooses, when she chooses, where she chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns. Her purpose is beyond just looking ‘cute’.

She is here to make a difference in the world in her own unique way by embracing her gifts, talents and abilities. Badass is a style that is understated but instantly recognizable, it's simple, direct and functional😎"**

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I spent 5 years at University completeing 2 degrees (Bachelor Exercise Science & Bachelor Education) because I was so committed to my profession, and still continue to build my knowledge EVERY single day to better myself in order do my work most effectively.

The underlying message of what I do is to wake women up and open their eyes to all the BS marketing and messages from the health and fitness industry, and greater society, that to be valued and worthy in this world you must look a particular way. I want to be a part of the truth behind all the smoke and mirrors so you can learn to appreciate that how your body looks is not a reflection of your health. For you to see that having a ‘perfect body’ and abs is not a pre-requisite to health, happiness and living a full-filled life.

I want to show women how moving your body builds a healthier and happier life because it encourages feelings of accomplishment, strength, focus, commitment and overcoming challenge every day. Good nutrition with a balanced approach, and no strict rules and crazy restrictions, leads to more energy, greater clarity and better function.

My continued drive comes from not only seeing my clients and many women struggle to live their lives to the fullest because of their body shape, but because of my own personal experiences. I want to help women of all ages, all backgrounds, with all body types to stop letting their view of their body railroad their opportunity of living a beautiful life. Women are just spending too much time worrying about their weight and body shape.

The most common conversations I have with women are about comparison, how their body 'looks' as measured by the stupid ideals promoted by the world, and how unhappy they are as they are unable to engage fully in life because they are consumed with thoughts of food and how to 'fix' their body. That shit really saddens me.

Firstly, what a tragedy it is that so many women with unique talents and gifts to share with the world, are sitting scrolling on social media. How much of the mind and thought process is being wasted comparing ourselves and feeling defeated because of the comparison trap? Imagine if every second of that time was instead spent studying, reading, working out, learning a new skill, finding a new hobby, volunteering or spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.

What if every second that was spent thinking about your body shape and what food you can eat was in place spent on sitting in silence and listening to your thoughts, that inner voice, and connecting with who you really are at the deepest level? Your life should not be consumed constantly with thoughts of food and how your body looks in a bikini.

Ladies we are better than this. To make the change, we need to be the change.

You need to get your mind focused back onto what is truly important to you. What makes you smile and happy? What do you want to contribute to the world? What do you want to be remembered for?

Over my 38 years I have been in all types of shape. I have had the shredded perfect body for competing and magazine cover photos. I would be really sad if when my time came and I left this planet all I was remembered for was my body. I know I would look back on my deathbed and regret that I spent my whole life ‘dieting’ and focused on what my body looked like, at the expense of experiencing the beauty of this world and creating wonderful memories with family and friends, as well as making my own contribution to making the world a better place.

I aspire to be so much more than that. I love to be able to write and have a way with words that I can impact someone’s life, and my voice through social media can make someone feel better and have more clarity. That shit is what is most important. Leaving something good in the world that you know made a difference in some way. Mine just happens to be through health and lifestyle coaching. You need to tap into something bigger. You have something inside you that needs to be shared with the world, and don't ever think it has to be on a massive scale. Success and happiness will come to everyone in different ways.

Strive to be more than just a pretty face and a cute body. That would be the biggest tragedy. Missing out on so many treasured moments and memories because you were so focused on 'dieting' and trying to meet some imaginary ideal that society has jammed down your throat in order to make money, or that is 'trending'.

Coaching Program

My coaching program is a commitment to doing things differently. It is about making a decision to cut off all negative influences that infiltrate your mind and make you in some way feel worse about yourself. Health and fitness is the foundation, but not in the way it is being pushed on you by mainstream media and the social media environment. It is not about #bodygoals or being obsessed with a perfect diet. Sensible nutrition and and active lifestyle is about taking care of your health in a way that adds to your life in a positive way and allows you to function optimally.

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As a LIFESTYLE coach and someone who aims to be fit and healthy all year round, I incorporate all kinds of training. My primary goals are to have fun, FEEL GOOD, and have the confidence that I have the strength and energy to do everything I need to in my life. I want to feel strong and have a powerful body that enables me to be fully engaged in life—to thrive not just survive, now and as I age. Building a badass body is my way there, through amazing workouts that bring back the fun, challenge, and variety to working out.

So what is exactly is a ‘Badass Body’?

A badass body is healthy, fit, strong, and unique. It is your body’s best version that is yours and yours only. It is not a particular body type, shape or specific body part requirement. It's just simply your most badass body that you reach through a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle! There is no strict dieting, 'rules', restrictions, or one fit formulas to creating your badass body. It's all about active living, eating great food, balancing your life and 'body goals', and getting your body to its healthiest, natural leanest shape....and being a total freakin' rockstar with that!

Do you need to find the balance in your life? Create healthy habits around food and exercise without the whole 'dieting' thing? Sick of buying Ebooks from all the beautiful people that just leave you stuck? Are you fed up with being miserable and missing out on life? Do you want to work with someone who actually will SPEAK TO YOU, not just via email?

I'm a life mentor with the foundation being optimal health and fitness. I can't promise you the perfect bikini body in 12 weeks, a 30 day transformation, or any other ridiculous claim. What I can give you is a fresh, clearer mindset, less stress and confusion around food, a better perspective around body image and body goals, and with time the physical results just become the bonus.

For a little more investment than a simple 'download' you get me as a coach alongside nutrition and training programs.

Are you ready to do things differently?

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Look Good & Feel GREAT at ANY age!

"I can't explain how incredible it is to finally be free from the constant thoughts of food and body obsession. I eat well, I feel great and I know I am in healthy in more important ways that just 'looking good' as defined by the world. As a lifestyle athlete I am fit, strong, energetic and a total badass at 'living life'. It is nice to be finally free of the 'diet culture' and society's BS standards that we have jammed down our throat 24/7 about what we should look like to be able to be happy and live a full-filled life. Remember, if you are constantly thinking and worrying about food, you are NOT living a health and fitness LIFESTYLE, you are being consumed by it. "