#FatShaming Lady Gaga?

This is exactly what is wrong with the world when it comes to women. EVERYTHING you are and you do in life somehow always comes back to your body!

After an incredible performance at the Superbowl, where people were in awe of her talent, the talk quickly shifts to her stomach and a skin/fat rollπŸ™„

Number 1 - She is not a supermodel or someone who's job is to look like a perfect maniquin. This woman is an ARTIST and is famous and successful because of TALENT, DEDICATION and HARD WORK (in addition to a strong personal message), not because she simply looks cute in a bikini.

Number 2 - As a fitness and lifestyle coach what hope does that leave for us? We are more likely to be expected to have our body be in a specific shape, so her tiny stomach roll pretty much makes me and the other 99% of health and fitness professionals, and sports athletes...'out of shape' or 'fat'. I mean seriously what kind of message does this send regular woman.

Number 3 - Everyone has a 'fold' or 'skin', or some jiggle when you jump around, bend over or move. I mean come oooon...unless your body is solid rock there is no way your skin or body doesn't move in some way when you are moving. Unless you stand completely still there is no way to hold the perfect body and angles unless you are one of the 0.0000001% and genetically gifted (even then it's pretty much impossible).

Number 4- Again, seriously. WTF? A women's worth and value shouldn't have jack shit to do with how she looks in a bikini. I mean the performance was incredible, the world went nuts about it, it came with a strong empowering message, and yet STILL the final conversation comes down to her 'stomach'. This world is going next level mad!😏

Number 5 - This is exactly what is wrong with society when it comes to health and happiness. Knowledge, strength, compassion, kindness, general health and wellness,and the ability to do a fucking good job has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with how a persons body looks.

Oh and one last thing - I cannot believe people even noticed it?!?!

Maybe it's time people started looking more at a women's achievements, qualifications, written content, and contribution to the world instead of focusing on how perfect she looks in a picture or piece of clothing and calling that inspiring?

Realize that everytime we reference a successful woman's body type, weight, or shape, there is a young girl out there watching who is intelligent and a total world changer, that will now hold back her gifts and start doubting herself and actual worth as she starts to learn her body is apparently way more important than her mind.

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