Books I Recommend

One of The Most Powerful Habits for Living a Happier and More Full-filled Life is Reading.

Reading is absolutely a huge part of the 'happy game'. The most wonderful part of books is that you get to see things from another person’s perspective, open your mind to different things, view the world through other people's eyes and learn through others experiences. When I am in bookstores I feel this calmness and tranquillity. I literally always find I have this little smile on my face...complete weirdo a weirdo right haha.

If you want to improve your life across all areas then make sure you spend time away from the computer, TV and Social Media, and instead devote as much time as you can to reading. Self-development is one of the most powerful things you can do to change your life. In fact I would go as far to say, critical. The more I found my way back to reading, the less time I had for mindless 'scrolling' which truly reconnected me with who I was and what really matters to me.

Also keep an eye out for any courses, workshops, seminars etc that you can attend. Not only do you build yourself personally, but you get to connect and meet new people.

Below is a list of my 19 most highly recommended books that cover a broad range of personal development topics and 'life stuff', provide inspiration , help you expand your mind, encourage you to do bigger things, give you another look at life and understanding how to find more peace, joy and happiness. If you read all these books I can 100% guarantee you will change your life!