Body Positivity?

Be proud of your body, love your body, accept your body...don't get me wrong these are all great sentiments with mostly goodwill behind them, however I can't seem to get on board with these messages entirely because I think we should be more concerned with WHY the fuck are we so focused and concerned with how our body 'looks' purely on the outside in the first place? 

All this body positive and self-love etc has the right intentions but if we look at the foundations of what is going as opposed to trying to fix the surface level stuff, the whole problem is WHY should we be focusing so much on our bodies at all? Our lives should be about actually living, contribution, experiences, making memories...not wasting (in most cases) our entire lives trying to 'love our body' and 'accept' it. I think that we should instead be working on cutting off mindless social media scrolling, manipulative marketing, 'following' influencers who 'motivate' us from a negative place and not a positive one. We need to instead be encouraging each other to get on with your lives, find things you love and enjoy and are are passionate about, spending time around people who truly love and cherish you, and having more important conversations. 

Today while I was working, I stopped and  consciously thought about whether I was 'proud' of my body or not. I came to the conclusion that I was neither really lol, because frankly it's binary. I literally have my health, the privilege to live an optimal life in a wonderful country, loved ones who care for me, and more important things to do on this planet that spending my day trying to make myself 'love my body'. I mean seriously is all that effort really truly helping the issue? Or is it in fact keeping you stuck in a headspace consumed with thoughts on how your body looks. It is yet again another way that keeps us thinking about and focused on our body and appearance.

I think the better solution for the majority of women is to actually change your perspective completely. Instead of committing your life trying so hard to accept your body, let's instead get so fully engaged in life and aim to commit our thoughts and each day to more important things that bring joy and purpose.

I guess my question is that instead of spending soooo much time engaged in thinking about our body, positive or negative, why are we even thinking about our body's that much at all?