Why can't I lose those last few kgs?

Why can't I lose those last few kgs?😔

One thing I see EVERYDAY is fit, healthy young women who are ALREADY 'in shape' and look great chasing this crazy low level body fat and torturing themselves mentally as to why they can't ever reach their 'goal'. It's because sadly the health and fitness, diet industry, and society have misled you to believe that's the place you need to reach to be happy and worthy, however they fail to mention that for 99% of women it is COMPLETELY unrealistic without a huge amount of sacrifice and at the expense of being able to live a great life.

Look there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself or reshape your body, however let me tell you straight up...the 'ideal' most of you are chasing is going to require a LOT of commitment and dedication when it comes to food and lifestyle. It is not 'easy' and will require a HUGE amount of focus around food and training, in most cases dominating your life.

Personally I can be leaner. I've done it and know how to do it, BUT just to 'look' a certain way that is glamourised in the fitness and online world means I lose my quality of life. The only thing it would add to my life is that I would 'sell' more programs to all of you who buy into the lies and manipulative advertising you are bombarded with every day.

The last 3-5kgs you are killing yourself to lose and making your life miserable over, is usually where your body naturally wants to be, and also where it functions at its best.

The question I always ask people in the healthy category (which is most women who are active and eat a moderate diet) is 'do you want to be LEANER, or do you want to be HAPPIER???'
Because honestly that is usually the choice that you have to ultimately make💙 #truth

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