Social Media and Mindset


Fill your social media and home pages with profiles and people who make you feel good, who challenge you to think deeper, who encourage you to work on yourself, to be the best person you can be, and who allow you to feel more connected to a greater purpose and passion. 

There are so many beautiful people and profiles that draw you in and look good from the outside, but if you pay attention you'll realise they are doing nothing more that keeping you focused purely on how your body looks and how much you apparently are lacking when it comes to material things. 

When coaching my clients I show them my Facebook home page (Instagram is a little harder because the home page chooses what it shows you). Now I don't spend a lot of time 'scrolling' but I have intentionally set up all the important pages I want to 'see first'. For me personally, it's filled with the stuff that matters to the true me like animal welfare pages, human rights, environmental and travel, authors and thought leaders. By doing this I ensure I use social media in the most positive way. Anything animal welfare, environmental or human rights brings me perspective no matter what my mindset is in that particular moment. It is a constant reminder of how lucky I am and keeps me focused on what really matters so I don't fall into the trap of 'drama' and getting caught up in life's BS. Authors and thought leaders keep me thinking, growing, learning and constantly searching for new information that helps me continue to work on being a better person, adding value to the world, and also allows me to help and coach others more effectively. 

Many years ago my feed was filled with every bikini, fitness model, competitor, influencer etc. I came across that had the most perfect feed, looked stunning, had the incredible body and posted 'motivational' quotes, and were mostly all about nutrition, training and body goals. Now of course that was MY CHOICE to bring that into my space, however all it brought to my life was constant thoughts about food, training and working on achieving body goals. In fact the so called motivation and inspiration I was looking for and thinking I was receiving was actually coming from a negative place, not a positive one. I wasn't looking at these images thinking 'my digestion is poor, my mind is not clear, I'm lacking energy...I need to improve my food choices and lifestyle habits to take better care of myself'. It was actually resulting in me focusing even more on my external self and a place of 'I need to start sticking to my food tighter so I can lean up and look better', hidden behind a message of health and fitness. 

If you are constantly thinking about food,  training, body goals, and your life is revolving around these areas in a detrimental way, then I believe the best place to start is to clean up your feed and stop following all the health and fitness inspo, and instead start following profiles that get you thinking more about your life goals, what you want to get out of your life, who you want to be, what makes you feel good inside, and what brings your beautiful light to the world in the most brightest way.