Feel Good Food

For anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the most culinary person! I never was able to cook, and in fact found it utterly unenjoyable and a really boring chore.

I realised the other day how much I now love, and look forward to, my weekly grocery shop and creating simply, fresh, and beautiful meals. I mean my mother or anyone who knows me would be like 'what the actual fuck???' Haha

It's so cool because the past few years I look back and see how the transformation came through no longer seeing food as wholly and solely tied to 'weight loss', 'body goals' and my 'physique'. I used to only see food as 'how my body physically looked'. Because I was so consumed with my body shape and constantly thought about food, of course food was a stress and I wasn't able to enjoy it. The only (momentary) enjoyment came from binging on processed foods that tasted so good when I finely cracked from all or nothing mentality.

Now food has such a bigger meaning. It's about health, enjoyment, FEELING good, and sharing that with my husband. The external results are just the bonus. Yeah the body may not be as 'aesthetically' perfect as it once was, but I'll take overall wellness over a flawless physique any day.

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with body goals and wanting to transform your physique, but it is more a question of 'are you chasing other people's goals, dreams, or society's ideals?' Or do you really truly have a passion for the art of reshaping your body? You have to reconnect with the deeper level of who you are and work out if your goals are bringing something wonderful to your life and are feeding your soul, or are they bringing a sadness and are at a detriment.

The more simplistic and aware my life has become the more joy I find in the everyday things. I feel a wave of happiness shopping now because I buy foods that feel good to me. I love the beauty of so many fresh fruits and vegetables, buying the plant based beetroot and black bean patties that Marcus and I enjoy on our weekly burger night. I love buying the ingredients for our pizza night. I love buying all the different types of beans for the yummy variety of salad and vegetable mixes I will make over the weeks. I love selecting all the different carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, red potatoes, butternut pumpkin and thinking about whether I'll roast them, steam them, mash them. Just being so lucky to have food so accessible and available is something to be grateful for.

I also still enjoy picking out a few treats hehe. Marcus loves things like fancy nut butters, almond dark chocolate and difference types of mayo’s and sauces whereas I am still a true treat monster at heart so throw in the current favourites of chocolate covered licorice and maxibons, and the much loved Baskin & Robbins. #treatmonsterforlife
So while we do our best and are mostly plant based and extremely conscious of our food choices and the impacts it has on the greater world, environment and other living beings, we aren't always 'perfect', but live in a way that feels good to us and where we are at in our lives.

Even making food at night now is so beautiful. I always listen to music that makes me FEEL good and soak up the moment of preparing all the beautiful rainbow colours of the gorgeous food we have. I now realise I used to hate preparing food so much before because those moments were clouded by body image obsession and using foods that weren't right for me (eg soooooo much chicken, eggs, turkey, fish...I never ate red meat). I discovered that I absolutely hated cooking those meats because I would literally have to chop every speck off them, I hated touching the raw meat, could never get the texture right so I could enjoy it, I would have to try and disguise the 'meat' flavour in any way possible etc. Yet I forced myself to eat in this way for years because of my 'commitment' to my (distorted) health, fitness and physique goals. I literally went against everything that felt good to me and struggled like hell, simply because I followed what every bit of 'science' told me and what everyone else was doing. These things are a helpful tool at best, but there is no greater expert than your own intuition and inner guidance.

Now I'm not saying everyone must go plant based or vegan as I don't think that is necessary for everyone, especially if it creates stress, confusion and is overwhelming then it is either because it is not right for you, or the not right choice for you at this time. I do believe that we should all try to eat a more plant based diet which focuses on vegetables, fruits and whole grains for greater health benefits and more sustainability. I still use a whey based protein daily as well have on occasion a piece of grilled salmon, fish, or chicken, and sometimes a nice quick easy bowl of tuna and rice. I have learnt to listen to my body and what it needs most. A little while back I was almost entirely plant based but worked out it wasn’t the perfect fit for me. Just like a diet filled with high levels of animal protein. You should never ignore your own intuition and everyone should find the lifestyle balance with food that works best for their health and happiness.

My point of this post is that if you are finding yourself constantly thinking and worrying about food maybe it's time to consider looking at food from a different perspective.Think about how it makes you FEEL physically, emotionally and spiritually. The answers are all their WITHIN you. Use others for inspiration and other ideas, but don't look outside too much for what often can only truly be found within🌻



Supplements-Yes or No?

Do you need supplements to reach your health and fitness goals, whether performance, physique or lifestyle related?

The answer can be both depending on a number of factors. Things like your overall dietary intake, the source/quality of the food you are eating, whether your demands are higher based on your activity level, your individual body requirements, your lifestyle, and most importantly, preference.

For me personally I use supplements to 'fill the gaps' and also for convenience. I do lead a busy lifestyle so often even with best intentions I don't always get my food prepared, or don't get time to sit down for a full meal. I love incorporating shakes or bars as a convenience so I am not tempted to grab something high in calories and low in nutrition. They are basically my 'fallback'! Another big reason I prefer to use macro-balanced shakes is that they are balanced with the inclusion of carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals, probiotics and probiotics for digestion, and are not just a protein shake. I have a shake every morning post workout for breakfast as I have never felt like eating food after training and find that a liquid meal is so much easier on my digestion.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals these are just basically my 'insurance' policy to make sure I am getting everything I need. I noticed a huge difference when I followed a whole food only approach to nutrition to when I started incorporating supplements. My digestion was better, energy levels increased, a huge decrease in cravings, better skin, reduction in my stomach and visceral fat, and in general a better overall feeling of wellness.

The most important thing is that you always aim to meet your nutritional needs through a variety of whole foods and use supplements as an 'addition' to an otherwise healthy diet and active lifestyle. I personally incorporate supplements as I know how much of a difference they have made to my overall health and ability to manage a busy, active lifestyle, and how much of a benefit they have been to my clients.

Supplements are a personal preference so if you don't choose to use them you don't have to. I  make suggestions based on my knowledge and experience, however I will never 'push' them on people and I am committed to only recommending what I believe will help them with their health and fitness goals. My approach has never been about a 'one fit' or specific method when it comes to nutrition, just working with my clients to guide them to find the most optional solution  based on their lifestyle, preferences, personality type. There is no 'right' or 'wrong', but what you feel works best for you! Remember the 'best plan' in the world is of no use if you can't stick to it long term. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.


I have listed my favourite products for overall wellness and healthy ageing on my website. EVERY product in is registered and approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration is Australia's regulatory authority for therapeutic goods) which is an ABSOLUTE necessity for me in recommending any product. If you choose to use ANY supplements or vitamins and minerals, please ensure they are met the approval requirements for use within your country.

You can read more about the supplements I use daily for health and wellness, and how I incorporate them by visiting the 'Vitality' page.


Why can't I lose those last few kgs?

Why can't I lose those last few kgs?😔

One thing I see EVERYDAY is fit, healthy young women who are ALREADY 'in shape' and look great chasing this crazy low level body fat and torturing themselves mentally as to why they can't ever reach their 'goal'. It's because sadly the health and fitness, diet industry, and society have misled you to believe that's the place you need to reach to be happy and worthy, however they fail to mention that for 99% of women it is COMPLETELY unrealistic without a huge amount of sacrifice and at the expense of being able to live a great life.

Look there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself or reshape your body, however let me tell you straight up...the 'ideal' most of you are chasing is going to require a LOT of commitment and dedication when it comes to food and lifestyle. It is not 'easy' and will require a HUGE amount of focus around food and training, in most cases dominating your life.

Personally I can be leaner. I've done it and know how to do it, BUT just to 'look' a certain way that is glamourised in the fitness and online world means I lose my quality of life. The only thing it would add to my life is that I would 'sell' more programs to all of you who buy into the lies and manipulative advertising you are bombarded with every day.

The last 3-5kgs you are killing yourself to lose and making your life miserable over, is usually where your body naturally wants to be, and also where it functions at its best.

The question I always ask people in the healthy category (which is most women who are active and eat a moderate diet) is 'do you want to be LEANER, or do you want to be HAPPIER???'
Because honestly that is usually the choice that you have to ultimately make💙 #truth

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