Social Media Sanity - How to protect yourself from scrolling!

A few tips on how to do social media better my babes🔀

🐝Get off the home pages and stop scrolling! You don't need to see what everyone else is doing constantly. By all means follow family and close friends, and those that matter, but stop wasting time reading all the crap you really don't need to see. Instead get out and get involved and engaged in your own life.

🐝When it comes to influencers or people on social media who in some way I inspire you, make sure they ACTUALLY inspire you some way to be a better person and add value to your life. Pick a handful who make you feel better about yourself or challenge your life and thoughts in a positive way, and only follow their posts or check in on their pages. There are too many of you following 'inspos' that if you paid attention and were honest with yourself, you would have to realize that most of them are in fact making you feel worse about yourself. This is especially true in the fitness world. You flood your feeds with all these perfect photos of beautiful women with amazing bodies and tell yourself they are (insta) famous so they are motivation for you, but they really aren't! They make you even more critical of your body, only ever reference food and training, body goals etc and make you actually more consumed with how you should look in a bikini. Stop following just because everyone else does, and start disconnecting from any accounts that are not really adding value to your life.

🐝Allow a window of time for social media. Set out a time to check in, then put your phone away. If you have kids or a partner then start to spend more time with them than scrolling social media. Imagine what your relationships could be like if you invested as much time into mindless scrolling and instead spending time with the people who actually matter in your life.

🐝Those of you who follow people you don't like or to 'watch the train wreck'...I mean seriously what a complete waste of your life! Be better than that. What kind of opportunities are you missing out on in your life while you invest your time into people you don't even like, respect, or bring anything of value into your life. Stop 'checking in' to see what they are doing. It's none of your business, and you shouldn't care. Because regardless of how their life is, they are in some part still living it while you follow theirs....instead of living your own. Again, what a waste of your awesomeness.

Don't get me wrong, there are positives to social media, just people in general don't know how to manage it. People need to have boundaries around their online environment and what they let into their world. From my experiences and exposure to so many women I see too much unhappiness and unfulfilled lives which are very much to do with social media. So while it's perfectly ok to engage with the online word, ensure you are using it in a way that it's designed to add to your life, not make it miserable. Just like everything, it's about balance⚖

PS - yes my eyes are brown😉 
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