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Hey there!

Get Healthy | Get Happy | the body is the bonus


I created this movement for those looking to make some big changes in their life.
Those who are ready to start putting the life back into living.

My coaching programs incorporate OVERALL WELLNESS, which is something I have always been super passionate about.

  • Physical Wellness: For those who want better health, good vibes, high energy, and a badass body. Everything I do is simple. No crazy overwhelming fitness world meal preps and unrealistic routines.

  • Social Wellness: For those looking for an EPIC tribe who still dream, have fun, play, travel and hang out with positive and inspiring people.

  • Spiritual Wellness: For those who are looking to find themselves and break free of a lot of society’s BS and start living the life they dreamed.

  • Financial Wellness: For those wanting more money. Yes say it out load...’I want more money’!!! Because money buys you TIME freedom which is the biggest asset in your life, as well as enabling you to live your ideal life in addition to contributing to things that matter to you.

  • Overall wellness: A more balanced lifestyle over all areas because you can have it all with my team and the company I partnered with.


Bringing back the feeling and feel good to fitness.


Workouts for the Body, Mind, and Soul. Yes puhhhlease!

Welcome babe……to my ‘Lightworker Training Series’.

Anyone who trains with me, or has trained with me, or done my workouts will tell you, my workouts are LEGIT!

My programs aren't for girls with only 'body goals', but are for those with life goals! Women who need to be functioning at their most optimal so that can bring their best to the world.  

If you are new to fitness then you will learn that fitness can be FUN, and how to get incredible results. If you are already living and loving the lifestyle but need a challenge or to change things up, then you are going to love my workouts! It doesn’t matter where your current fitness level is at, your body shape, or your age, because these programs are just what you need to get into your best shape ever.



'Each time I meet someone I silently wish them good health, joy and happiness'.