Plant-Based Ebook Only

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Meal Template Cover Image.JPG

Plant-Based Ebook Only

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Just send me this fabulous book lady!

This 25 page Ebook is the perfect option for those who want to incorporate more plant based food into their lifestyle. It is SIMPLE and includes basic recipes which aren't expensive or over-complicated.

The photos are of the REAL FOOD I eat (not perfect Instagram worthy images that look flawless) so you can feel confident that you can do it to.

The book includes:

  • How to structure your daily meals
  • Simple recipe and meal ideas
  • Plant based without rules and restrictions
  • Allows for Pesco-Pollo, Pescatarian, Lacto-ovo, Lacto and Ovo-vegetarians, Flexatarians
  • Easy transition for those who would like to make more conscious decisions about the food they eat

Yay! I am so excited for you to starting focusing on FEEL GOOD FOOD xxx

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