FREE 'New Lifestyle Resolution' 15 Day Kick-Start

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New Lifetysle Resolution 15 Day Kick Start Cover.JPG

FREE 'New Lifestyle Resolution' 15 Day Kick-Start



  • The 15 day kick-start begins on the 1st July 2017
  • This is all about building a foundation! The kick-start is not throwing you in the deep end with meal plans, crazy workouts, time consuming meal preps, taking away the things you love, and trying to change everything in a week.  Completing this 15 day kick-start is creating your first lifestyle habit that will become the building blocks of a complete health and body transformation. Remember it takes time so this is a simple step to get you feeling accomplished and building that mindset and self-belief that YOU CAN DO IT!
  • This is not about feeling guilty or torturing yourself! This kick-start doesn’t require any meal prep or following any guidelines or diets. When you begin to start exercising you naturally start making better decisions when it comes to your food choices. We are not even going to go into the nutrition part yet. Our primary goal is to get you feeling better! Having more energy to get you through the holiday season, ensuring you feel more confident on the outside because you know you are doing all the right things to take care of yourself.
  • This is a social media part to build a powerful group and have accountability! You won’t be alone. Others have done it before you, and more will be doing the challenge alongside of you. The focus will be on getting healthy, feeling happier, and any results in regards to body goals will become the bonus. You will need either a Facebook or Instagram account that you will check in to each day with a post. The photo can be of anything you like that relates to the kick-start. Each day throughout the kick-start I want to see your photos and read your comments about how you are feeling not just physically, but how you are feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How are the workouts and the kick-start helping you feel, and what effect is it having on your mindset? Photos can be with your dog (of course ;-) ), at home working out, at the gym, with a family member or friend, outdoors, your workout outfit or equipment, a sweaty selfie, or a quote. By posting each day we will be holding ourselves accountable, and our little online journal will also help and inspire others, while also connecting you with other amazing women just like you. Working out is so much fun with a training partner, and sharing the process with a friend, colleague, or family member can keep you on track. Make sure you invite people to join us! There is massive power in numbers, so the more of us who step up and go first, the more of a movement we can create.

Instagram : Every post will need to hashtag #NewLifestyleResolution and @nickyjankovic so I can keep track of who is with me, how you are progressing, and also to ensure I can see that you have completed each day of the kick-start. Make sure your account in not set on private as I won’t be able to see your posts. You can always change your settings for the duration of the kick-start and return to private once the 15 days are up. You can follow my Instagram page here.

Facebook: You will need to share your post with the same information as above on my Facebook page and also hashtag #NewLifestyleResolution

  • You can workout at your own level and the workouts are suitable for both in the gym and at home! Of course I encourage you to follow the entire program as written, but feel free to go at your own pace if you haven’t exercised in a while. The workouts are only 15 minutes so they are designed to be quick and effective. Try to push yourself as hard as you can during the sessions because you know it is only 15 minutes. Every exercise has a video demonstration so you know exactly what to do.
  • The program will be immediately downloadable! As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with the program included. The most important thing to do is SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUT TIME. If you know you are going to be extremely busy over this time, ensure you block out a set space for ‘YOU’ time. I would suggest getting up 20 minutes earlier to get the workouts done before you start your day if you anticipate that the day may get away from you if you leave it until later.
  •  Any other questions? Please email me on


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