Hey! Hi! Yo!

Oh hey girl! I’m Nicky.
Ok, so I am literally so excited for this. My greater purpose is to completely transform women’s lives through helping them to reconnect with who they truly are, what lights them up,and live their absolute dream life. In order to start the journey towards living a happier life, I believe it all starts with a healthy body, through active living and balanced nutrition. I mean how can we perform at our best and have mental clarity if our body’s aren’t functioning optimally? I don’t do ‘diets’ or ‘quick fixes’, and my approach is simply no BS.
As a 3 x cover model, leading coach in health, fitness and body-shaping, an Exercise Science and Education graduate, I have combined my love of training and nutrition to encourage women to shift their focus to health, happiness, and allow the body to become the bonus.
With over 17 years of experience in the industry as a teacher, trainer, and coach, I have been so privileged to have been able to help thousands of women transform their body's, their minds, and their lives, to embrace their uniqueness and find what truly makes them happy in life. Through helping women start to find their value and self worth, understand their body’s, and start to believe in themselves again, I know all too well that transforming your life starts simply with a decision to change followed by that first step into action. Like the famous quote says,
 ‘Greatness is a lot of small things done well everyday’.
By joining this kick-start you have taken that first step, so take a moment to acknowledge yourself for being brave enough to get uncomfortable and appreciate that there is something better for you xxx

One of the hardest things when trying to make a lifestyle change to improve your health, fitness, energy levels, mood, reshape your body into a stronger version, or working towards a happier self, is the overwhelming thoughts and information of ‘Where do I even start?’

The most challenging part for so many people who truly desire to change their life is simply, taking action! By that I mean, just starting somewhere. When we set new goals we don’t often have the perfect blueprint, or we don’t even know how we are going to get there. The key is to committing to creating just one new daily habit at a time.  When it comes to a complete lifestyle overhaul, trying to do it all at once rarely works. It is the little efforts you make each day and build on that leads to long term change. Any big goal needs to be broken down into manageable steps as you will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

“Success doesn’t just suddenly occur one day in someone’s life. Neither does failure. Each is a process. Every day of your life is merely preparation for the next. What you become is the result of what you do today. 

In other words... You are preparing for something.

The question is, what are you preparing for?”   ~John Maxwell

I recently started back on my own fitness journey as I spent most of 2016 on the sidelines due to a nasty neck and back injury that I sustained in a car accident almost 10 years ago. After the first workout I was honestly breaking out into a dance at random intervals throughout the day because of how good I was feeling. I mean it was next level stuff!! I am generally a really happy and positive person, but WOWSERS was I amazed by the reminder of how incredible moving my body made me feel.

Over the past 17 years I have helped guide hundreds of women to their health and fitness goals, but one thing really stuck with me from a conversation with one of my clients. It was late in 2016 and we spoke about how great she felt about her transformation and how good it felt to FINALLY not be making ‘another’ New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthy. BOOM! In that moment I knew I had to create something simple and accessible to help other women avoid the same trap of waiting for that ‘magical’ day to start their own transformation.

This 15 day kickstart is about getting into action NOW! It is about making those first steps towards a healthier and happier life, and not waiting around hoping that ‘Monday’ or the first day of the New Year etc, the magic will happen and you will just be ready.

“But I need to be ready and enjoy this event, get this celebration out of the way, or I need to wait until yada yada is over so I can truly commit”…that is what you are thinking right??? Well this kick-start is not about deprivation, taking Tupperware to dinner, or completely throwing your world upside. This kick-start is for you to start creating new habits as a first step and foundation to that healthy body and happy mind.

There is no denying that movement makes us FEEL GOOD. Training and an active lifestyle will not only help you feel more positive and happier through the release of endorphin's, but it also gives you more energy, helps reduce stress, and makes you feel more in control of your body and life. So what better time than to start right now? This is NOT a diet, a weight-loss program, or a #bodygoal challenge (although you may experience these side effects ha!). This is about coming together as a group and committing to doing something good for ourselves every day. It is about taking action today towards your goals and not setting yourself up for another failure by doing crazy things and overhauling your life with a thousand changes in a day.

Why a kick-start and not a challenge? Because challenge literally means 'a call to someone to participate in a competitive situation or fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength'. That is the purpose of sport, but not a lifestyle! Kick-start means 'to start or reinvigorate (an activity, system, or process)' which is exactly what I want you to do. Restart your health and fitness journey with a new mindset, a different approach, and with the focus of 'feeling good', not just simply 'looking good'.

This 15 minutes for 15 days kick-start is the first step to taking control of your health, your happiness, and building a strong, fit and badass body. 

So here is how it works:

  • You can workout from the gym or at home. All you require is a set of Dumbells and a Step-board. You can substitute the DB's with anything of the same weight. This could be bags, food, bottled water, get creative! The step-board can be substituted for any flat, stable surface such as a chair, ledge, park bench, sturdy box etc
  • This is all about building a foundation! The kick-start is not throwing you in the deep end with meal plans, crazy workouts, time consuming meal preps, taking away the things you love, and trying to change everything in a week.  Completing this 15 day kick-start is creating your first lifestyle habit that will become the building blocks of a complete health and body transformation. Remember it takes time so this is a simple step to get you feeling accomplished and building that mindset and self-belief that YOU CAN DO IT!
  • This kick-start doesn’t require any meal prep or following any guidelines or diets. When you begin to start exercising you naturally start making better decisions when it comes to your food choices. We are not even going to go into the nutrition part yet. Our primary goal is to get you feeling better! Having more energy to get you through the day, ensuring you feel more confident on the outside because you know you are doing all the right things to take care of yourself. It is about helping to reduce the stress, anxiety and overwhelm of starting a new health, fitness goal, or body transformation.
  • The social media part of the kick-start is to build a powerful group and have ACCOUNTABILITY! This is where I can check in on you and hold you to your commitment. I will be continually doing different phases of my workout programs alongside you, as well as so many other incredible women who are also committed to creating a better life through health and fitness. The focus will be on getting healthy, feeling happier, and any results in regards to body goals will become the bonus. You will need either a Facebook or Instagram account that you will check in to EACH DAY with a post and use the hastag #NewLifestyleResolution and @nickyjankovic. The photo can be of anything you like that relates to the New Lifestyle Resolution kick-start. Each day throughout the kick-start I want to see your photos and read your comments about how you are feeling not just physically, but how you are feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How are the workouts and the kick-start helping you feel, and what effect is it having on your mindset? Photos can be with your dog (of course ;-) ), at home working out, at the gym, with a family member or friend, outdoors, your workout outfit or equipment, a sweaty selfie, or a quote. By posting each day we will be holding ourselves accountable, and our little online journal will also help and inspire others, while also connecting you with other amazing women just like you. Working out is so much fun with a training partner, and sharing the process with a friend, colleague, or family member can keep you on track. Make sure you invite people to join us! There is massive power in numbers, so the more of us who step up and go first, the more of a movement we can create and show others YOU CAN DO IT!
  • You can workout at your own level and the workouts are suitable for both in the gym and at home! Of course, I encourage you to follow the entire program as written, but feel free to go at your own pace if you haven’t exercised in a while. The workouts are only 15 minutes so they are designed to be quick and effective. Try to push yourself as hard as you can during the sessions because you know it is only 15 minutes. Every exercise has a video demonstration so you know exactly what to do.
  • The program will be immediately downloadable! As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with the program included. The most important thing to do is SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUT TIME. If you know you are going to be extremely busy over this time, ensure you block out a set space for ‘YOU’ time. I would suggest getting up 20 minutes earlier to get the workouts done before you start your day if you anticipate that the day may get away from you if you leave it until later.
  •  Any other questions? Please email me on

Yay! I can’t wait to see you all, follow your workouts, and hear how the kick-start is helping you!