Anyone who trains with me, or has trained with me, or done my workouts will tell you, my workouts are LEGIT! I write training programs constantly because I love moving my body, challenging myself, and creating badass new routines.

As with nutrition, there is no right or wrong way to train. Of course if you are a swimmer it makes sense to swim😜

But if you are a lifestyle athlete and want to be a total badass, you train in a way that makes you feel strong, feel accomplished, and feels good!

My programs aren't for girls with only 'body goals', but are for those with life goals! Women who need to be functioning at their most optimal so that can bring their best to the world. When you become a part of my community you have decided you no longer want to be consumed by thoughts of food, or have you life ruled by how you look in a bikini. Yes we still have goals, but they are greater than just being a pretty face and a cute body. My approach is for women who are simply tired of chasing ‘perfection’ and health and fitness programs hidden behind sneaky marketing that, in fact, deep down actually makes you feel worse about yourself. If you are still chasing that perfect selfie and ‘body goals’, then I am not the girl for you, and honestly there are plenty of programs out there for that.

I am not here to just ‘motivate’ and ‘inspire’ you because there are plenty of beautiful people and physiques out there that can offer you that, if that is what you feel like you truly need. My goal as a mentor, an educator, and a massive ambassador for women bringing their greatness to the world, is to EMPOWER YOU! Motivation is cool, however it isn’t something that lasts, nor can we rely on that long term. Inspiration comes from deeper inside and it gets you thinking about doing things that ‘feel good’ for you soul. You need to keep yourself inspired daily by taking time to stay connected to what is important to YOU. Empowerment is one of my gifts that I am most driven by and here to share with the world. Because empowering someone shifts the drive from the external to the internal. It creates a self-determined person who acts on their own authority. A person who is able to overcome their sense of powerlessness and to recognize and use their own unique gifts and resources to become a stronger and more confident person. A person who realizes they are in control of their own life and situation.

Being empowered means you move from a place of following along with no purpose, to a place of taking actions of choice based on what you truly want.


If you are new to fitness then you will learn that fitness can be FUN, and how to get incredible results. If you are already living and loving the lifestyle but need a challenge or to change things up, then you are going to love my 30 day workout challenges! It doesn’t matter where your current fitness level is at, your body shape, or your age, because these programs are just what you need to get into your best shape ever.

My focus is based around THE LIFESTYLE, not just for a set period of time, but making your health and fitness a forever deal. Each program is created based on over 18 years of experience, and designed in a way that allows any woman with any body shape to get fit, feel more confident, healthy and happy! I truly believe that being happy evolves from a system. So many people focus solely on the exterior, and when they 'look' a certain way that everything in their life will be perfect. This could not be further from the truth.

I don’t believe in training in only one way, unless of course you are a sports specific athlete or training for one specific goal. As a LIFESTYLE coach and someone who aims to be fit and healthy all year round, I make sure I incorporate all kinds of training. My goal is to have fun while training and feel like I can do anything that I need. If I wanted to do a charity event and had to run 5 or 10kms I want to know that I can do that at any time I choose. I want to be able to sprint on the oval with my dog Brix and feel fast and agile. I want to be able to walk on hikes in beautiful places and have energy and endurance. I want to be able to lift my own body weight and if I choose jump into a game of casual sport have the fitness, co-ordination and balance to participate. I want to feel strong and have a powerful body that enables me to be fully engaged in life and as I age keeps me living an optimal life, where I am thriving not just surviving. The body shape that comes with it is simply a bonus!

The combination of all types of training styles and sessions ensures you become a lifetime and lifestyle athlete! A well rounded woman who feels confident, powerful, strong in every aspect of her life through building a badass body.


These 30-day Badass Body Workouts are for everyone, not matter your age, your fitness level, your lifestyle, or your goals. These workouts are designed to cover EVERYTHING -

1.            Health

2.            Fitness

3.            Strength

4.            Happiness and Well-Being

5.            Energy and Mood

6.           Body Re-Shaping (because it is still ok to want to change your physique with the right mindset)

7.            Weight Loss (because it is ok if we are carrying excess visceral fat or excess weight that negatively impacts your health, again                      with the right mindset)


Each month a new program is released for my personal coaching clients so you can all  join me in making health and fitness fun again.

The 30 days workouts below include a full month of rad workouts in an easy to follow schedule.

You can download some of my all-time most effective programs if you just need some fun and effective training.
However, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND becoming a part of my 'Beyond A Body' Coaching Program where you not only get access to the monthly workouts, but for a small amount more you get absolutely everything else you need to be successful in your health and fitness journey.. 

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