Bringing back the  feel good to food

These days with access to soooo much information via the online world, women are soooo confused and overwhelmed in how to eat.

The health and fitness industry has let us down a little as they haven't separated 'Health/Wellness' and 'Body/Physique Goals' very clearly. These are not always mutually exclusive.
You can have a flawless physique, however be in a horrible place health wise if you are not meeting your nutrition needs, in addition to your mental, social, psychological, environmental wellness.
You can have incredible health and wonderful balance over all aspects of your life, however the 'external' body doesn't always reflect what your vision is in how you want to look.

The secret to finding the 'happy place' in regards to your heath, wellness, and body goals, is all to do with the mindset. 

I flipped the formula that dominated the fitness industry by creating a unique system that allowed me to leave behind the constant, stress, anxiety and overwhelm around food behind me.

Step 1: Get Healthy - Balanced Nutrition & Consistent Training

Step 2: Get Happy - Work on the Inside through Personal Development and Mindset

Step 3: The Badass Body is the BONUS!

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A Typical Day of Meals

Upon Rising - 30ml Shot of Ionix
(Adaptogens, antioxidants & nutrients to help strengthen the body’s ability to fight the effects of stress, promote better recovery, focus & overall energy.)


Pre/During Workout - Amped Recover BCAA's
(Recovery & Rebuilding)

Meal One - Post Training Macro Balanced Shake 
Mixed Frozen Berries Or Greens Blended

Meal Two -
1 Serve Protein | 1 Serve Carbs | 1 Serve Fats
Chilli Tuna with Brown Rice and Spinach Salad

Meal Three -
1 Serve Protein | 1 Serve Carbs | 1 Serve Fats
Taco Turkey Mix with Small Potato and Vegetables

Meal Four -
1 Serve Protein | 1 Serve Carbs | 1 Serve Fats
Chicken Tenders, Avocado Mash & Mixed Rice With Vegetables

PLUS: Everydayyy Health Vitamins and Minerals -



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