Bringing back the feeling and feel good to food

Like most women, I have had a freaking enormously massive journey with good ol' food.

From someone who was super active throughout my youth and eating whatever I felt like and following my natural intuition, to eating a diet filled with fast food on rotation, to dieting 'beyond severely' to compete as a body-shaping figure athlete (talking shreddeddddd), to massive issues around food, which included but not limited to, the all-or-nothing approach, yo-yo dieting, attempting to weigh, track and ‘balance’ everything with exercise, bingeing, to FINALLYYYYY finding freedom and having a wonderful relationship with food so I could move on with my life.

I don’t want to ramble on and write a book (because I would never do that right?), so you can read a lot more in my blog under ‘Real Talk’ if you want to hear more about my glorious food journey. If you love a good read then you can start here.

This Ebook is the way I eat based on years of floating between the health and fitness world, science stuff, and interest in eating plant-based but not Vegan. I had to kind of 'find my own way' as I think there was a huge gap between 'eat all that meat, you need the protein' and 'Vegan all the way'.  It is simple, uncomplicated, has no rules, no restrictions, or any other diet culture or health and fitness industry BS. It is not a diet.

It is an easy structure to help anyone wanting to move towards a more ‘plant based’ diet, without vilification of foods, ;’cant haves’ and ‘must dos’. This is a template and collection of recipes to help you transition more towards a plant based approach but without the pressure of guilt and shame if you still incorporate some animal based products.

I wanted to fill the space that would help people who like me weren’t yet ready to commit to the FULL Vegan, but had now consciously decided that they wanted to reduce their consumption of animal based foods due to health, ethical, environmental, or sustainability reasons. This approach has no hard and fast rules, and you can’t ‘fail’.

It includes all my self-taught recipes, meal ideas, combos, and ways to manage my nutrition without hours of prep time, complicated recipes, expensive ingredients and confusing guidelines.

There are two options for you little future plant munching lightworkers! (SORRY! Custom Coaching Option Currently Sold Out)