Bringing back the feel good to fitness

Workouts for the Body, Mind, and Soul? Yes puhhhlease!

Welcome babe……to my ‘Lightworker Training Series’.

Anyone who trains with me, or has trained with me, or done any of my workouts will tell you, they are LEGIT!

I train to be a LIFE ATHLETE in order to feel strong, manage my moods, feel accomplished, and do my best work in life!

The best thing about my programs is that they aren't about making girls feel stressed and anxious about 'body goals'. My programs are for those with life goals! Women who need to be functioning at their most optimal so that can bring their best to the world. The best part can ENJOY working out AND the badass body becomes the BONUS!

If you are new to fitness then you will learn that fitness can be FUN, and how to get incredible results through weight training.
If you are already living and loving the lifestyle but need a challenge, or to change things up, then you are going to love my 10-week workout programs! It doesn’t matter where your current fitness level is at, your body shape, or your age, because these programs are just what you need to feel your best ever.

My training style and sessions ensures you become a lifetime, and lifestyle athlete!
A well rounded woman who feels confident, powerful, strong in every aspect of her life through building a badass body.

These 10-week 'Lightworker' Workouts' are for everyone, no matter your age, your fitness level, your lifestyle, or your goals. These workouts are designed to cover EVERYTHING -

1.            Health

2.            Fitness

3.            Strength

4.            Happiness and Well-Being

5.            Energy and Mood

6.           Body Re-Shaping (because it is still ok to want to change your physique with the right mindset)

7.           Weight Loss (because it is ok if we are carrying excess visceral fat or weight that negatively impacts your health, again                    with the right mindset)


Do you ever wonder why you struggle to stick to all the workout programs you attempt?

Simply because your are being consumed with your 'body goals'. I promise these will come with time, work and consistency. HOWEVER, if these are the only driving force and you continue to do all the extreme stuff that makes you feel absolutely horrible and exhausted, it won't last. No BS here, just truth. You can reach your goals without being obsessed and consumed with your food and training, and actually FEEL GOOD! 

The workouts below include at minimum 8 weeks worth of rad workouts in an easy to follow schedule.