Bringing back the feeling and feel good to fitness

Workouts for the Body, Mind, and Soul? Yes puhhhlease!

Welcome babe……to my ‘Lightworker Training Series’.

Anyone who trains with me, or has trained with me, or done my workouts will tell you, my workouts are LEGIT! I am constantly writing new training programs because I love moving my body, challenging myself, and creating badass new routines that make me FEEL good.

As with nutrition, there is no right or wrong way to train. Of course if you are a swimmer it makes sense to swim😜

But if you are a lifestyle athlete and want to be a total badass, you train in a way that makes you feel strong, feel accomplished, and feels good!

My programs aren't for girls with only 'body goals', but are for those with life goals! Women who need to be functioning at their most optimal so that can bring their best to the world.

Hands up my little Lightworkers!

Want to read the whole story?


If you are new to fitness then you will learn that fitness can be FUN, and how to get incredible results across all areas. If you are already living and loving the lifestyle but need a challenge or to change things up, then you are going to love my 30 day workout programs! It doesn’t matter where your current fitness level is at, your body shape, or your age, because these programs are just what you need to get into your best shape ever.

The combination of all types of training styles and sessions ensures you become a lifetime and lifestyle athlete! A well rounded woman who feels confident, powerful, strong in every aspect of her life through building a badass body.

These 30-day Lightworker Workouts are for everyone, not matter your age, your fitness level, your lifestyle, or your goals. These workouts are designed to cover EVERYTHING -

1.            Health

2.            Fitness

3.            Strength

4.            Happiness and Well-Being

5.            Energy and Mood

6.           Body Re-Shaping (because it is still ok to want to change your physique with the right mindset)

7.           Weight Loss (because it is ok if we are carrying excess visceral fat or excess weight that negatively impacts your health, again                    with the right mindset)


Do you ever wonder why you struggle to stick to all the workout programs you attempt?

It is because most are all involve one-set way of training. I have only been able to stay consistent to my fitness lifestyle because I am forever writing new workouts based on how I FEEL. Some months I am a total meat head and want to LIFT LIFT LIFT. Other months I want to throw myself around  like a little athlete and see how I much I can test my fitness. Other times I am a little distracted by other important areas of my life so I want my sessions to be adaptable to how I feel on any given day, I can ‘pace’ or totally slay!

That is truly the best part of my training, you can reach ALL your health, fitness and physique goals but YOU get to CHOOSE what feels good for you along throughout your journey! I have complied all my best programs and titled them so you can match you movement with what you feel your body needs. No more forcing yourself to do workouts when you know they aren’t in alignment with how you feel and what your body needs. Remember it is CONSISTENCY that yields results! I don’t just HIIT, lift, cardio, circuit, or body weight training….I do it ALL!

You can CHOOSE to run the programs for the 30-days or if they are the right fit you can continue doing them for longer. When you feel done and need something fresh and new, you come back and pick a new workout again based on what you feel your body, mind and soul needs.

The 30 days workouts below include at minimum a full month of rad workouts in an easy to follow schedule.