So you have followed me on social media, checked out my website and thought ‘Holy shit, I totally vibe with this chick’!, and decided that you are ready to reset your mind and body to create a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Well firstly check out the info below to see a little more detail about my coaching program. Yes, this is where you actually get to speak with me and we work TOGETHER to map out and create some lifestyle habits to get you healthy, happy and looking and feeling your best. My programs are not for everyone as they require more than just following a 'meal plan' or 'training program'. My coaching is not about another 'diet', 'challenge', 'slimdown', or 'body goal' program. It is about creating a lifestyle that you can be excited about. The body is just the bonus!

  • I focus on coaching people step by step how to change their life. There are no 'diet's' or strict meal plans with no flexibilty, no 7 day slim-down, daily calorie targets (except in specific goal 'athletes'), macro ratio's, food rules, or promises of the perfect body or body part goals. I am not a bikini body or body goal coach...there are a million of those! No doubt you already have a library of nutrition guides and Ebooks from every health and fitness trainer out there....but are you still wondering why you can't stick to them? Do you feel like you are the 'failure'? Well, poor relationships with food, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle habits, self-sabotage and negative body image are complex and not solved with another strict diet or set 'meal plan'. 
  •  I am not like most other health coaches as I don't believe that it is 'easy' to find that happy place with food and your body. It takes a commitment, time and work to break from of all the BS you have had shoved down your throat for your entire life. about how your body should apparently look to meet some stupid standard..
  • I work with women who need help with how to live a healthy, fit, happy and full-filled life, while breaking down the obsession with body goals, weight and constant thoughts about food..
  • I work alongside my clients to help them create nutrition habits and an active lifestyle that they can get excited about, and actually stick too.
  • I don't overwhelm people and preach the whole 'just stick to it', 'harden up' and 'how bad do you want it'.
  • For 99% of you, success is rarely achieved through buying another downloaded 'meal guide' from a picture perfect social media celebrity. It comes with building a relationship with a trusted mentor and having someone to chat with and who will help you gradually find a place where you can feel confident in managing your own nutrition choices. There is no one fit when it comes to food.
  • I want to work with people who are ready to disconnect from all the BS and stop following what everyone else does, and who are ready to set themselves up for their own success in their health and happiness goals.
  • I want to work with people who are committed to completely transform their life...not just their body. Physical, emotional, social, financial becomes a part of overall wellness. 
  • I really thrive working with people who have have totally disengaged with life and enjoying themselves because they are constantly thinking about food, and consumed with thoughts about their body shape and weight.

I am a qualified coach with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Education. 

Throughout the 'Beyond A Body' coaching program you will learn all about important topics and strategies that will show you how to recognise when, and how you are being manipulated by society, how to change your daily habits to get going again with your OWN health and fitness goals, how to eat in a way that feels good and that you enjoy, and how to get back to living your own life and finding what makes you truly happy. The badass body is just a bonus!

Are you sick of paying for programs and guides and not having anyone actually speak to you?

My online coaching programs are different to most of what you see available online because I actually want to SPEAK TO YOU, get to know you, and help you long term...not just take your money for a few pieces of paper. The personal relationship coaching is what gets you results long term.

In this 8 week coaching program, you will receive:

  1. A 1 hour initial consultation personal coaching call with Nicky. In this session we take time to work out what it is you really need, your goals, and get clear on where you need to start.
  2. Within the consultation you receive some nutritional education and daily structure set up - together we create some healthy habits, a flexible routine, and a plan of attack on how to get started on becoming your healthiest and happiest self. I also have a plant-based nutrition focus for those who would like to reduce their consumption of animal based protein, however I do not vilify or 'ban' foods.
  3. A fun, challenging workout program that you will enjoy, plus at home exercise options for those who don't have gym access.
  4. Ongoing 30 minute one-on-one private coaching calls via Skype or Zoom at the 4 week mark and completion. 
  5. Ongoing information, coaching and tips on creating the right mindset, health, wellness finding balance, life stuff, purpose, passion, chasing goals, hobbies and how to create a wonderful and full-filling life.
  6. Reading suggestions and book club. 
  7. Ongoing support, encouragement, and guidance.
  8. A BADASS BODY...woo!! Read more about that here


 "I am best described as a happy life mentor with the foundation being built on optimal health and fitness."