Who would you be?

Why are we dumbing down and showing more skin?

Why is it now almost every girls dream to be a social media star or Instagram celebrity?

This is not from a place of judgement as there is a place for everyone and their own special unique gifts that they bring to the world. The problem is that so many are not following their TRUE path and finding happiness as they are so blinded by what they are seeing online.

The fitness industry is one example. Show more and more skin, act sexy and give the illusion that you are nothing but a 'hot body'. If that is what you truly want then I cheer you. The problem is that so many women won't admit to themselves that they are struggling to find their inner self value and self worth, and greater purpose for being here, that they grab onto what is in their faces 1000x a day and do what 'everyone is doing'. They see women getting all this 'attention' for being 'sexy' and are so desperate for outside approval and acknowledgement for themselves that they then just go with it and do the same.

I was once asked at a shoot to be sexy and I fucking struggled! I seriously looked like a complete dumbass haha. Because to me I realised later, 'sexy' isn't about how much skin you show, how you act, or the facial expressions you can pull...sexy is just another feeling! Not an intentional act. You can be sexy, strong, cute, smart, powerful, compassionate, intelligent, etc by simply being YOU! Authentically you! Who you are! Not trying to be who you think you should be, or how you should act!

Behind all the social media 'smoke and mirrors' women are struggling. They are unhappy, lost, living in a comparison bubble, and investing all their energy into this crazy online world of nothingness. Back in the days before social media people had more of their own space and time to work out their journey to what made them happy. But how many are truly doing that today?

Seriously though, how many people are so muddled, confused and overwhelmed inside their own heads by being exposed so much to what other people are doing?
Be 100% honest with yourself! Do you live your life totally driven by your own unique connection to yourself and what makes you happy? Or do you 'follow', 'copy' and 'post' what others do because you are struggling to find what your own truth and story is, and it seems to be working for them. No one is immune. And if you say you are then I would find that extremely hard to believe. I have done it. That's why I still struggle with social media if I spend too much time on it. I don't find it 'healthy', and if I am not careful I find it very consuming. It clouds 'me' and what I need to be doing to make a bigger impact on this Earth. 

As a health and fitness professional I have had times where I have found myself totally overwhelmed with how to share my message online. On one hand if you post photos of your body and show your physique you gain more interest, but on the flip side I truly don't feel showing my body in bikini photos truly makes women feel better or more motivated to live a healthier life. It's a tough place when you are trying to get your message out about being healthy, HAPPY and being confident in your own body and looks, while then showing photos of your body hoping you don't become a part of the problem where you now become what someone compares themselves to.

I mean how do you actually make a bigger impact through the amazing platform of social media without becoming a part of what you are working against?

Health through good nutrition and exercise is so important to overall wellness. When you eat well and have an active lifestyle your body operates more efficiently, you feel more positive, have more energy and better manage your moods. Once the ball starts rolling you start becoming a happier and more positive person. I almost walked away from my fitness career many times because I didn't feel like I 'fit' in that space, and it never felt like I was truly making a difference until I started to connect the dots and again see the importance of it in part of my mission. By helping people with their health through good nutrition and an active lifestyle, I was allowing people to become better in themselves, giving them more mental clarity, more energy, and showing them how to get their body functioning optimally. It actually all start here!

If we aren't taking care of our bodies it impacts our minds. When we don't have a clear mindset we get consumed with the little things in life and this impacts our ability to see what really matters. The path of my education in the fitness industry I feel was the ability to engage people with what they 'want', eg the body goals etc, but then educate them in what they actually 'need'. 

Now I am not saying don't strive to improve, but don't make #bodygoals the measure of your success as a person or in life. Make your health and wellness your driving goal. When you get everything else right and knowing you are doing all the right things, then the body comes along with that is what you should be proud of.

But the bigger question is without social media, TV, and magazines, who would you be?

There are so many people out there with massive social media followings, presence and influence, with the ability to change a generation. To show people how to become more conscious, to inspire them to contribute to the world, to become a part of a greater purpose. But sadly the majority of those only post about their body goals, booty progress, the things they have, and so many other less important things. When you have this kind of power and that platform I feel you have a responsibility as a leader. I don't have a massive following or online presence, but I wish I did solely for the purpose to guide and awaken the younger generation. To encourage them to seek out their authentic self, to find their true passions and what incredible talents they can bring to the world.

Again, I'm not here to judge, but the problem is not the what they are posting directly, but the ongoing flow of the message sent to impressionable youth who 'follow' the leader. If the message is simply 'here is a selfie - be sexy - look at my body', but nothing to encourage and inspire others to achieve awareness of bigger issues, then where are so many of these young women headed?

I'm not saying 'change who you are' if that truly is a reflection of your authentic self. But don't choose what's easy. Imagine the impact it could have on another woman to add your own personal value and help show others what really matters. Find something you are passionate about that is of importance to the world and be that guiding light for others on how you can not only be sexy, but intelligent. That you can be 'hot' and also be educated. That you can be pretty, and smart. You can be all these things, but be an example and use your voice and platform to inspire and educate others to become conscious and contributing humans.

It's time for so many of us to wake up. The past 5-10 years has seen so many fall into the social media sleep. People have forgotten themselves and are wasting their time DAILY, mindlessly scrolling. They are sitting in a space of comparison, completely consumed with how they look, their body goals, and buying into the ideal to just strive to 'be rich' for doing nothing. Imagine if the amount of time spent working on a bikini body, a booty or being pretty, was invested into becoming of bigger service to the world. Imagine what people could do, be and create! We have all the tools, resources and incredible capabilities that come along with the technology and the Internet if we use it in a powerful way. 

Be all those things, sexy, cute, pretty, hot...
BUT be them with a MESSAGE!