Tall Poppy Syndrome is Not Cool (and Not Being a Good Human)

Tall poppy syndrome is old news. There is no space for it anymore.
It's outdated and it shows a lack of intelligence or self worth in those who partake.
And it's just plain blahhhh boring.

Times have changed. People are becoming more conscious, opening their minds to bigger things, starting to read more and go back to the foundation of working on themselves through personal development.

No one who is living a life of peace and gratitude has time for hating on those for chasing their goals. People are done with all that BS. These days people want to be inspired. They want to see success and people chasing their dreams, because for far too long so much of the population has been 'stuck', frozen in fear, and unable to move forward out of worry from outside judgement. Like I said it is old.

We are evolving. The universe is changing. People have realised they want more than the status quo and what they have been conditioned to do in life. They want to try to do more of the things that are important to them, that light them up, and that they are most passionate about. Humans simply want to start waking up in the mornings excited again. 

There is no place anymore for people who bash/rant/belittle, or in public passively aggressively attack others or their beliefs. It's a new time. It's time to cheer people. No matter what it is they are doing in their life, or what they are passionate about. As humans we need to fucking cheer that! When you see someone so excited and loving their journey to their true calling, get pumped up for them! Why? Because THAT is available to all of us. We can all live an authentic real life if we make the decision to let our soul be exactly what it is, and not worry about the judgement of others. The world and its people want to be free. Free to chase their goals, dreams and visions and enjoy their time on this planet. 

People who try to derail others 'happy' are the ones who will become hurt most as time moves on, because too many people want to simply be 'happy' these days. They have had enough of sitting in a place of anxiety, sadness, and feeling their lives slipping away, and now want happiness for themselves. So when they see people behave in a way that tries to shame and embarrass others in a public way they will disconnect from them, because through their own growth they now have deeper sense of self that we can all have 'happy', and no one is entitled to judge our journey or path.

Tall poppy player...WE ALL NOW SEE YOU! You can't hide anymore. You are showing your true struggle, so while we won't wish harm or pain for you, we know more about you than you think when you are behaving in this way. You are not 'showing up' others. You are in fact shining the light on yourself.

People the game has changed. The energy in the universe is shifting and people are opening their eyes. People have been miserable, holding back, suppressing their own uniqueness for too long, and it's no longer ok. We all want more from life. We are all awakening to the fact that their is ENOUGH for everyone. Enough love, peace, happiness, money, success, space etc.

But to have it for ourselves we must realise that we can't dim the light of others to shine our own. It doesn't work that way. We are a society and everyone deserves to live their best life. When we allow everyone space to shine, we allow our own light to shine brighter. If you have the time to attack others, no matter how much you try to hide it or justify it in public, you will be seen for your own truth. That you are not as powerful, happy and present in life as you want people to think.
Tall poppy syndrome it dead. Gone. Finished.

Be epic.