Who Is Nicky J?

Purpose and Passion

Trying to explain what I do in a small box on my home page was just not going to happen, so I decided to write my novel in a blog for those whose interest was tweaked.

I have always been ‘advised’ to shorten my posts, get to the point, and narrow things down when writing and trying to build my brand and reach my audience. Same goes with photos, show more of your physique, edit your photos so they ‘pop’, yada yada yada. So while I agree marketing (aka manipulation) definitely works and can generate a bigger audience which = cha ching more cashola, it just didn’t vibe with me.

The health and fitness industry changed dramatically over the past 10 years with the introduction of the online environment. As a health and fitness professional I knew what to do and how to engage the audience based on ‘the way it works’, but I just didn’t want to do it that way. I can’t explain it, but it just didn’t work for me and to be honest I was happy to be left behind because I had a weird understanding that it really wasn’t ‘my time’ nor my path to be another 'fitspo'.

The shift is coming! I am sure you can all feel it. There is a gradual awakening after years of ‘autopilot’ and ‘following’. People are wanting more. Social media brought the first wave of struggle and had a very negative impact on so many people. However, the positive and beautiful side of social media is about to rise, in a ginormous way . We have been so blinded by all the beautiful body’s, materialistic items, and luxury lifestyles. The 'ego' has been driving so much of our actions as a society. This has not served us well spiritually. The time has now come where people are asking questions and searching for answers. They want more real, and gradually all the smoke and mirrors are fading. There is now a big old wave of all the people bringing the deeper messages uprising, and that change is being noticed. Social media has provided the most wonderful platform for the beautiful messages that are now being shared by the lightworkers of the world.

As my career has unfolded and I committed to listening to my true self, and not the world around me, my purpose slowly unfolded before me. I knew I was meant to be a ‘health and fitness professional’ but an Instagram celebrity posting perfect bikini and fitness model photos just wasn’t doing it for me. So I had to battle with the question of ‘how does all this Exercise Science degree stuff tie into what I need to bring to the world?’ The education degree made sense, yes I was a teacher but I was not meant to teach in the conventional classroom setting.

The more I allowed myself to grow, learn and evolve, the more everything made sense to me.

I am part health and fitness professional, part badass, part hippie, part happiness life coach, part lightworker, part life adventurer.

Of course these ‘labels’ don't define me, but simply give a nice understandable description to my ‘world work’.

1.       Health and Fitness Professional

Yes I have the fancy schmacy double degree university level education. Oh hey ‘professional bio’. Here goes.....

Nicky Jankovic has a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Education.
That my friends is my formal qualification in the world ha!

In all seriousness though, I really want people to experience health and fitness is a completely new way.

2.       Badass

"The badass carves her own path. She wears, drives, drinks, watches and listens to what she chooses, when she chooses, where she chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns. Her purpose is beyond just looking ‘cute’.

She is here to make a difference in the world in her own unique way by embracing her gifts, talents and abilities. Badass is a style that is understated but instantly recognizable, it's simple, direct and functional😎"**

So much YES!!!
Full stop. That is all.


3.       Hippie

All hail counter-culture! Woo!

So I have always felt like the rebel. Not in a dysfunctional way, but in a non-conforming way.

I mean WHY do we have to do it that way? Why do I have to follow that person or path? Why can’t I do it differently because I see something else and other options?

A hippie was a label given to those in a movement across the 1960’s and 1970’s who rejected many of the ways of established society. This counter-cultural movement embraced a way of life and set of ideas that were completely different from most of the accepted by society. They rejected the mainstream BS, materialism and values, or particular elements of it.

I consider myself a 'new age hippie' of the current time. I don’t feel like I fit, nor do I want to, in today’s current landscape of the health and fitness industry. I want to do everything opposite to what dominates my industry which is 'body goals'. I flipped that method on its ass years ago and found that real success came from focusing on actual health, true happiness and the badass body was the bonus. It doesn’t sell so well and appeal to our society of instant gratification and need to look good based on what is smashed in our faces everyday as ‘worthy’ and ‘successful’, but hey I am having a blast doing it my way.

4.       Happiness Life Coach

I love helping people open their eyes to all the BS and gain perspective. Nothing brings me more  joy than seeing it ‘click’. I fucking ADORE working at expos or day to day getting caught up in ‘big chats’ and sharing with you legends all the epic shit I have learned over the years and seeing people go 'WOAH!'....and get it. Those moments I know I have made the most meaningful impact and that individual will be forever changed. Maybe things won’t change immediately, but I know that they will never be the same. The journey will begin.

Inspirational leadership: providing a vision that motivates others.


5.       Lightworker

This is the most fun, exciting, beautiful, glorious, fabulous part that connects it all together.

Some people are born here for a purpose well known to them. Others are here to provide a message or sign through words, actions or speech, to help shine the light for others to see their own path and find their purpose.

For me personally I can't do all the things I would love to contribute to society and the world, however I can provide an awakening and more consciousness to bring greater clarity and perspective to others. So you can see it is not in fact about being better or of more value than anyone else.

For example, I do not possess the skills or purpose to be a doctor or animal doctor to heal other people or animals, yet I can pull someone out of the clouds from behind all the confusion of society's BS to instead find their purpose, and therefore do the work they were meant to do. This brings them the ultimate joy, and also bring me the same joy. Without them the practical side of healing is not there, however without me they make not break free from the world’s distraction to fulfill their true purpose. That is true WINNING! #teamlightworker

Being a light worker doesn't mean you are better, higher, or if it doesn't resonate with you means you are a 'dark worker'.

It is as simple as just consciously honouring a personal commitment to being a more positive, compassionate, kind and encouraging person, who in whatever way helps others feel encouraged and find their own light.

Light work is about being a light in the world and sharing your truth and authentic self in order to serve others and allow them to also bring their light to the world.

6.       Life Adventurer

This is the part that keeps me seeking out know knowledge and information. I am sooooo interested in everything! I love keeping an open mind and learning is my fun! I am forever reading, researching, watching in order to find out more about life and general stuff. As a teacher I am a lifelong student. The sharing of all the epic shit I stumble across with you magical humans is even more rad!

How did I do? 
If that 'vibed' with you then let's connect girlfriend!
Let me know what you need help with - nutrition, fitness, life direction, or some big time world domination. I can't do this alone. The world is so f-ing amazing so let's unite and have some fun!

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