Truth or Ego?


Every time I add this photo back onto my website I have to go back and question why. It's important to recognize your actions for what they are and to ask yourself the tough questions.


Today I was working on my website when it hit me 'how did this image creep back onto my website?'. It made a return a couple of weeks ago and it stands out to me in a big way as it was there purely for my ego. You see for me this image is about my old health and fitness 'story'. It's about all the 'business and marketing' messages that come through to push the idea of 'social proof'. Yet I know and don't believe that I need to prove anything to anyone about who I am, my professional services, and my abilities in regards to my own health and fitness, which is why I have chosen not to show much of my body and physique, or share 'before and after' photos that merely demonstrate a physical change. I realized that this image returns when my ego pops up when I'm not paying attention and is basically all about me being competitive in the online health and fitness industry by 'proving' that I am in good shape and as a result I will sign up more people (aka: 'sell' more through manipulative marketing). So even with my convictions, ethics, integrity etc, you can see that the ego raises its head and drives unauthentic behaviors that are completely unintentional.

Look there is actually nothing wrong with the image, nor is it for others to use these kind of photos, BUT it's important to recognize your own truth and message. Photos like this no longer represent me and what I want to bring to the world. They are a little incongruent with what I do and having this image smack bang alongside the payment button doesn't sit well with me. I'm not saying I'll never do photos like these again or I won't use them, but it's important to ask yourself the reasons behind all your actions. I do not want to, nor do I aspire to be like anyone else. I do not want to just follow along and share images and posts the same as everyone else is doing, simply because they are doing it, or it works for them. I know I have my own tribe of people out there in the world who need me, and to hear MY MESSAGE, regardless of if that's 100 people or 100,000.

These are the kind of questions I encourage you to ask of yourself. When you can step back and ask yourself why you a making certain decisions and taking certain actions you start to find the real you, a greater purpose, more clarity and calm, what you really want out of your life, and what brings you the most joy and happiness