The Small Stuff

So many of us have forgotten the simple things in life that can really make a big difference to your relationships and life quality. For example, 

How many of you sit down for dinner together at night? Or have breakfast as a family?

I do understand that sometimes these things are out of our control due to life circumstances. Marcus and I have early morning starts at different times so we don't have breakfast together, however we always make it a priority to eat dinner together.

We do the little things like set the table, light the candles and make sure we speak kindly to each other. Sometimes we do bum it on the couch too haha! 

But honestly adding this one daily habit to your routine as a couple or family will really make a hugely positive impact on your relationships. It reconnects you and brings you closer, and you'll be surprised how much joy is adds to your day. 

In the craziness of this modern world where there are so many distractions and we can fall into 'autopilot', it's moments like these that create happiness, connection and memories. When you get present in the moments that matter your quality of life increases exponentially as it becomes a constant reminder of what's important. 

Cherish your family, partners, and loved ones and never take the small stuff for granted. Happiness and a fulfilled life is sooooo much closer for most people than they could imagine 

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