Who is Defining Your 'Success' and 'Happiness'?

You know what, I may not be the fittest, the leanest, have the best booty, the perfect bikini body, the abs, the thigh gap, the small waist, millions of dollars, likes, followers or all the fancy schmancy clothes, houses, cars, handbags, shoes and 'stuff'...but what I do have and value the absolute most in my life is:

  • a husband that loves me whom I can have a blast in life with, 
  • a life of gratitude and happiness, good health, 
  • the freedom to enjoy food and not be consumed by it, 
  • the ability to move my body without hating it, 
  • clarity and perspective, 
  • energy, 
  • the means to travel to different places in the world every year to experience life and other cultures, 
  • and a purpose beyond how my body looks in a bikini. 

Society pushes the idea that to be happy and successful you need either a perfect body, lots of money, and fame (either celebrity or social recognition), but what most of these things require are for the majority of people (if they are truthful with themselves) are certainly not worth the sacrifice.

Don't torture yourself chasing other people's dreams or what is pushed in your face everyday as what you 'should' strive to be. For many of us true health, happiness, greater purpose and contribution, and a fulfilled life doesn't come with a specific body, monetary amount, or outside approval and recognition.

Don't forget to take time out every now and again away from the online world, family, friends and other influences, to spend some quiet time alone reconnecting with yourself and finding your inner voice. Too many people these days have forgotten who they are, what matters to them, what they stand for, what actually brings them joy and happiness, and who they want to be in the world because they are constantly bombarded with other people's lives, views and opinions clouding their mind. 

There are no rules when it comes to what is truly in your heart, it's simply about asking yourself the right questions and answering those honestly and authentically. 

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