Move By Minerva really is an extension of me. It's the same approach of simplicity and doing small things consistently so that we can be at our best, and therefore bring our best.

There is no hype, no fluff, no clever marketing, no BS claims, no creating urgency  or FOMO (fear of missing out), no manipulation or self worth promises. It just simply is what it is and helps with healthy ageing.

In fact I don't even use the word 'anti-ageing'. As I've gotten older I have become aware of how much women are devalued by their age and made to feel like they are worthless as they get older, and should fear and resist it at detriment to them living life. I am not sure why but I've never had any fears around ageing. I've never felt the need to lie or hide my age and have always openly told people how old I am. I do feel in part that has had to do with my health and fitness lifestyle and of course self- awareness (and full transparency, a little genetics).

I view getting older as a PRIVELEGDE🏼 I mean, oh-maaaa-goodness how awesome is it to be blessed with another day, week, month, or year of life. It is such a wonderful PRIVELEGDE that so many are sadly denied. At almost 40 I'm not scared or feeling sad about it in any way at all. In fact I often find life really gets better in some ways as the years go by. I guess a lot of that comes from perspective and how you CHOOSE to see the world. 

The brand represents a small action, like my health and fitness, that you can take every day consistently to keep your skin fresh, feeling good, and a part of self-care. The bigger mission of the company will help and support me to do bigger things in the world and bring light to women's lives through one-of-a-kind events. 

It's such an exciting time I know there are moments when humanity and the world at large seems like it's going to shit, but it's honestly just getting better. People are awaking and becoming more conscious, not just as humans, but as businesses, community's, and as one. 

Know that the Move By Minerva brand will evolve over the coming years into something so much bigger than a beautiful skincare range for active women. It will be about helping women as individuals, and therefore better the community and the planet.

I was about to put a 'salesy' Christmas gift thing right here but then was like 'nah fuck that'... that's not what this post was about. It was about sharing my thoughts, direction and a little more about my cute little company.

If you are in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area and you would like me to come and do a stand somewhere for you to try our products, please tag your gym and lifestyle centre or let me know who to contact and I'll see if I can arrange a time with them to come meet you and see your beautiful faces️