Never Give Up?

Maybe your healthiest and happiest self won't result in the 'perfect' body goal ideal that society has decided that we should all aspire to be.

Don't be misled by the health and fitness world that you are 'weak' and 'giving up', or 'settling'. Maybe you are in fact choosing to be STRONG by setting your own standards, you are GAINING a life, and are instead deciding to NOT SETTLE for a life dominated by rules and restrictions?

Maybe for the majority of you the sacrifice and price you must pay in the quality of your life isn't worth it to just meet some stupid body type ideal that is 'trending' currently or determined by the greater world driven by money.

"Few, if any, come to the end of their days with regrets about not weighing a certain amount, wearing a smaller size, or having six-pack abs. But how many reach this point with regrets about not recognizing the things that truly mattered and giving themselves wholly to a life well lived"

#thoughtsfortheday #perspective