Body Goal Coach or Health and Fitness?

This is a message for all my health and fitness professionals standing on the sidelines and struggling to find where they fit, or in fact whether they should bother with this industry at all.

Look I have nothing against body goal coaches. We ALL have a unique purpose and message for those that need to hear our voice, BUT I don't believe our industry needs any more 'physical only' or 'body transformation' coaches.

I don't think we need anymore 12 week challenges, 30 day shreds, 7 day slim-downs, 6 week booty programs etc. 

What we do need and what I think is lacking is more HEALTH coaches! More trainers who are committed to overall health and wellness- physical, social, spiritual, etc and helping people better their lives and gain clarity.

We need all you little light workers to stand up. It ok to be different. It's ok to be seen speaking to your clients during their workouts. Its ok to be a real person to your clients. It's ok to ask your clients what kind of workout they FEEL like doing. It's ok to share things that have helped better your life in some way. 

It's ok to not take before and after photos.
It's ok to not 'measure' your clients progress. 
It's ok to not give your clients a set meal plan.

I have had a longgggg journey through the health and fitness industry and had a lot of experience over many different areas, and completed 2 degrees (Bachelor of Exercise Science and Education). Now while I am not directly working in either of those roles, they were a part of my preparation in my biggest role.

The past couple of years I realised that my purpose through health and fitness is to mobilize the next generation of light workers. Light workers are here to either serve the world or be the light to encourage others to shine their light. It's really so much bigger than I could have ever imagined. Starting with a passion for training and all the incredible benefits it brought to my life was actually part of a much bigger journey to a very meaningful responsibility (you can read more about that on my website if it interests you️).

Although I have all the 'science' and fancy university qualifications and do work towards helping my clients with their physical health, at the end of the day my number one goal is that they leave my sessions and just feel a little better about themselves and their outlook on life. I hope that they leave feeling a little happier, a little calmer, a little proud, a little accomplished, a little more balanced, a little more present and that there is still beauty and kindness in the world. 

Don't walk away and give up on your passion because you don't have the 'perfect instagram' body based on society's 'ideals or the current trending 'body goals. Pretty faces and cute body's fade over time, but what lasts forever and leaves the absolute best impact on both you and the world is being an epic-ass, kind, and purposeful human. Don't get caught up in 'numbers'. Focus on that one living, breathing, thinking, feeling, human in front of you at a time.

Always keep in mind that if it truly is your passion you will be in it for the long haul. Ask yourself what's the hurry? Enjoy it! If it's your true purpose then you'll be committed to doing it foreverrrrr, regardless how quickly you 'make it' in the 'external' world