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This is my archived story from my 'about me' page. I wrote this a while ago and didn't want to just delete it from my website completely. It is an important part of my journey and another step to finding real health, true happiness, and finding clarity in my global work. I am sure there is some value in reading this story for so many of you. Life is just a journey so know and understand that no matter where you currently are, with an open mind, conscious effort, and commitment to yourself, you can change your life entirely and find so much beauty, passion, purpose, and joy in life.

"Thank you so much for visiting my website! I am so happy you have taken the time to find out a little more about me and what it ‘is’ that I do. What you will start to notice is that there isn’t just ‘one thing’ that I do, because I wholeheartedly know that health, happiness, achieving your best body, in addition to living a kick ass life, encompasses many different aspects of growth for each person.

What is about me and my coaching that helps so many women? Instead of the typical ‘about me’ story I wanted to share with you my journey of how I had to also experience darkness in order to step into the light. So here is a bit of my personal story that even many of you who may have followed me for years, may not be aware. This is why I 'get it', understand, and can relate to women in overcoming what they struggle with most.

In 2008 I found myself in a really bad spot! I was unhealthy, unhappy and at 84kgs, the heaviest I have ever been in my life! Now for many you, you may say 'well that's not so overweight'...well let me tell you, for a girl who was FIT, LEAN and ATHLETIC her whole life it was devastating! What made it worst...I was actually on the cover of one of the biggest women's 'fitness' magazines in the world, Oxygen Magazine. So it is all relative when it comes to our own journeys, battles and hardships.

After deciding to compete in my first show at the end of 2007 I headed down the final path of self-destruction, which was pretty much the nail in the coffin to my 'rock bottom'. Now everything about my story all leads back to ME! No matter who was in my life at that time, how bad a person the people that were around me were, or the health and nutrition choices I made...I was ultimately responsible for my life's direction and what choices I made.

I was in an extremely unhappy and nasty relationship, surrounded by the wrong people who were extremely negative, suffering from self-sabotaging behaviours, and was looking for ways to find value in myself in a person. I have always been the same kind, generous, good hearted person, and I knew that...however I couldn't find happiness in just being ME! I was so lost, stressed out, yo-yo dieting, and consumed by anxiety, and on top of that being a perfectionist really didn't help the cause. I was for so many years so hard on myself, nothing was every good enough, and I took on my back everyone's problems because I felt I should be the one to help make everyone happy.

The reason to share these photos and story is to hopefully give you a 'behind the scenes' look at someone's life who, to the outside for many of you may think that this incredible happy person who seems to have it all, at one stage has been exactly where you are now, or has been through many struggles you have also battled along your own path. We all fight the same battles, they are just presented to us in different ways.

Fast forward 7 years and many lessons learned, I am finally healthy (body, mind, soul), balanced with my nutrition and training, have an incredible marriage to an incredible person (Marcus), I am living my dream job that I am passionate about and look forward to each day, and can say that I am truly, madly, deeply, HAPPY!

So wherever you are right now, whatever your goals are, no matter how long ahead the road the may seem...know that WE ALL START SOMEWHERE!!! Those with the greatest stories and the ability to help the most people, are those who have fought their way through the hard times to finally rise about and come through the storms to enjoy a clearer perspective on the other side. I am now in my late 30’s, and I have had to work hard my whole life. I never had anything handed to me, and things were never 'easy'. I am really grateful for that because it is truly what builds character in a person and allows you to transform into the person you were destined to be.


So if you are ready and really need help and guidance from someone who understands, take the time to check out the liftesyle coaching page.
No matter what path you decide to travel, just believe in yourself and don't waste any more time holding back being the amazing person you were destined to be..."