What is a Badass Body?

A badass body is healthy, fit, strong, and unique. It is your body’s best version that is yours and yours only. It is not a particular body type, shape or specific body part requirement. It's just simply your most badass body that you reach through a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle! There is no strict dieting, 'rules', restrictions, or one fit formulas to creating your badass body. It's all about active living, eating great food, balancing your life and 'body goals', and getting your body to its healthiest, natural leanest shape....and being a total freakin' rockstar with that!

There is a huge difference between working on reshaping your body and improving your health and fitness, and becoming so obsessive with it that it is negatively affecting the other important areas of your life. My coaching program is the first step in an ongoing lifestyle change, and the best news is that you don't have to do it alone.

The program and your journey is about challenging yourself, learning about your body, discovering new things about training and nutrition, and more importantly living a badass life along the way!

What is a badass life? It's about finding the perfect combination to having it all!!! Is that even possible??? Absolutely yes!!! You can have a great relationship/marriage, fun with family/friends, enjoy a social life, have an awesome job/career and have a live a total badass life...while still achieving that badass body! I live it every single day. Yes, there are highs and lows, and ups and downs along the way, but life is 10% of what is thrown at you, and 90% with how you react! 

There are no boring workouts, and the programs will incorporate all kinds of training styles. We will be doing weight training, HIIT, circuits, LISS, supersets, plyometrics, and more. Workouts have options, and will suit both gym based trainers and those who workout at home, or only have access to minimal equipment. The nutrition coaching is about teaching you how to set up daily habits around food and how to create the best approach for you. Something that you can enjoy and be excited about. In the words of one of my clients-

"I worked with Nicky on creating some personal nutrition guidelines just to give me a kick in the right direction again, and oh my goodness I felt amazing. However, I fell off the wagon and started eating quick easy foods, and short energy burst foods and drinks which just left me feeling worse. I have started up again and it's so incredible the impact food can have even just after a week. I'm organised now to stay on track for the long haul now.

Thank you for making honest and easily understood programs with options. Thank you for all have taught me about life previously, and even now. Thank you for being real and honest, and just an incredible influence on people from all walks of life. "

The Beyond A Body Coaching program is for women who want to get fit, healthy and live an epic life without all the BS. It is for those who don't want to just change their body, but change their mindset. Those who are open to new ideas, who are positive and love to interact with all types of people, and who would love to learn about all the cool ways you can not only strengthen your body, but strengthen your mind. It's for those who are willing to do the work, but also love to have a laugh and have some fun along the way. This is for women who are supportive of other women, and who freaking love to see others kickass in life and achieve success in whatever that means to them. It's for women who are pretty much fed up with comparing themselves to others, constantly bashing on their body, not living the life they know they deserve, and are just ready to make the changes and start to get on with life and have fun.

If this sounds like you and you feel like you connect with this in some way, I would absolutely love to have you on board. I'm so excited for all you amazing babes joining our community and I can't wait to see you on the inside and get to know you better.

So if you are ready, click
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Stay fabulous,
Nicky J