What is Project Ten 90?

This past week I was asked by two friends/clients ‘What is Project Ten 90’? Eeeeeekkk!

I was surprised because I somehow assumed that everyone knew and understood from reading my website. I suddenly realised that if they didn’t know what it was, then how would the rest of the women in the world! I had changed my branding, moved in a new direction online and was pumped about all the new services and support I was going to be offering to help women feel healthy, fit, strong and happy…..but I had missed the mark in sharing this message. I tend to find that my mind is so busy creating, understanding, improving, and doing EPIC things, haha, that I also need to realise I have to take the time to stop and actually ‘share’ that message and what I am most passionate about. Just because I understand it so well and my vision is so clear doesn’t translate into people automatically knowing what is so clear to me.


So I decided to dedicate this blog post to explaining what it is all about, and for those who do know me but also don’t have a clue about what Project Ten 90 means, what I have been up to, and why I chose this new branding.


Here is a nice little summary to show why I am so excited for my new website and online program.


Project Ten 90 was created alongside a web design company I hired to help with my rebranding. I was still sitting in a competition coaching space although I was well on my way back to lifestyle coaching and helping women live a happy and healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, active living and a strong mindset. We spent some time together in consultations where I really got down to the deepest level about what my business and passion was about. It definitely wasn’t a ‘bikini body’, a ‘fitness model’, a ‘sports model’, ‘abs’, ‘six-pack’, ‘booty’ or any other body goal or type program. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with these types of programs, but it was important for me to not find myself in an area of the market that was conflicting to my message. My programs were about sharing and supporting women in how to embrace health, exercise, good food, and finding their most badass body, while also most importantly living a badass life.


When I was presented a selection of choices for the new brand I said to the boys straight up, Project Ten 90 was the one! I loved it because it had NOTHING to do with any kind of description of any particular body type, or how it could be assumed a women was supposed to look in a particular type of clothing. They nailed it and Project Ten 90 was born.

ProjectTen90 encompasses so many things for me in health, fitness, and life.

  • In life, 90% is just showing up!
  • Life is 10% of what is thrown at you, and 90% how you choose to react to it!
  • Your body is 10% of what you are born with, and 90% of what you choose to do with it!
  • Nutrition is 90% of giving your body what it needs, and 10% of giving it what you want!
  • 90 % of the success when it comes to exercise and training success is showing up!


As you can see Project Ten 90 and ‘what I do’ is actually little to do with that actual ‘body goals’. While they are still there and of course through training and nutrition we build a badass body, the main focus and driving force is health, happiness and finding your purpose to a fulfilling life. If you take the leap and decide to jump on board with me you will see my approach to a healthy lifestyle is unique….and I believe with all my experience, the best! I mean what is the point of having the badass body if you live a crappy ass miserable life? Trust me, you can have it all. A good marriage/relationship, fun with family and friends, a good job/career, eat good food, and enjoy exercise, AS WELL AS having the body you know is rockstar EPIC.


I hope you love the concept and are pumped to take part in a new approach to fitness. If you are tired of being stressed about your body, worrying about food, had enough of missing out on life, and constantly comparing yourself to others and chasing these crazy ‘ideals’ of what you think your body is supposed to look like, come on over and be a part of a new breed. There is no time to waste time so let’s do this babes!

Love Nicky xx