The Health Program that Changed My Life

Today I am celebrating my 2 year anniversary since starting the program that literally changed my life (and my husbands).🤗 s


I can’t believe it has been 2 years since I made one decision that would change my life forever when it came to my health and fitness.

For so many years I was so ‘stuck’ when it came to my physique and health goals. I mean I could get in shape for a show, I was on covers of magazines, and I spent so much of my life studying and learning all the right things, yet I was struggling to get the results. In fact I was struggling with everything that so many women are.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to be finally free.

  1. ➡️Free from constant cravings
  2. ➡️Free from no energy and constantly feeling tired
  3. ➡️Free from digestion problems and bloating
  4. ➡️Free from that stomach fat (visceral) that would not budge
  5. ➡️Free from calculating numbers for food
  6. ➡️Free from following meal plans
  7. ➡️Free from being constantly stressed and worried about food
  8. ➡️Free from being a slave to meal prepping
  9. ➡️Free from constantly thinking about meeting my ‘protein needs’
  10. ➡️Free from the frustration of eating well and trying to listen to my body, but still constantly not feeling satisfied.
  11. ➡️Free from yo-yo dieting and the constant stopping and starting over again
  12. ➡️Free from feeling like a failure by doing everything the way I was taught to, yet still not being able to be in the body I knew was not a true reflection of my commitment to my health and fitness.

The best thing about it is that the photos only show the ‘physical’ change, not how much my mindset has changed, how much happier my life is, how much more balanced I am, and how excited I am that I have been able to share with and coach so many other women and fitness girls to also help transform their lives☺️

There are many ways to get in shape, get a bikini body, get abs or whatever body goal it may be that you have. But what I do know about how I achieved and maintained these results long term was that I didn’t do any ‘quick fix’ or ‘diet’. I followed a step by step coaching program combined with good nutrition (no food cuts like cutting carbs or fruits etc), a little exercise, and some amazing nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes)🙌🏼

The incredible thing about these latest results over this past year, is that I have literally done next to no exercise due to injury! In total I probably did maybe 4 weeks of my typical training level. Now, I am not in my ‘best shape’ due to the restrictions in lifting weights, however I am so grateful I finally found a nutritional program to be able to maintain my physique purely based on that almost entirely alone. I seriously cannot wait to get back to full training when the time comes.

I love that this lifestyle has made it ‘simple’ so that my life can incorporate health and fitness, but not be consumed by it!🙏🏼

Forever grateful for those who reached out, those who have helped me, those who have guided me, and everyone who allowed me to find my way as a fitness professional. It reinforced a huge lesson for me that I always encourage in my clients to follow across all areas of their lives, you don’t know what you don’t know. Always be open to learn, grow, evolve, try new things, and new opportunities💗😘..

For any of you girls out there suffering, please reach out and ask for help. I have been through it all when it comes to being fit most of my life, to competition shredded, to the heaviest of my life at 84kgs, to yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuations, to a beautiful place of balance with health and fitness, and of course being in great shape.

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