Rachel Armstrong

It’s hard to put into words just how much of a positive effect Nicky has had on my life since I met her. This incredibly kind woman has not only transformed my body, but she’s also helped me transform from a shy, withdrawn girl with low self-esteem to someone who is now confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Nicky used her wealth of experience to provide me with a training and diet program that was easy to follow and suited my body type perfectly. This is where it pays to have someone experienced as a coach, because she has prepped so many different body types she was able to tell almost straight away which approach would be best suited for me. At all times she put my health first and we got my body into contest shape without any extreme dieting or endless hours of cardio. It wasn’t all a walk in the park however, and when I did have rough weeks were I was struggling to stay on track, Nicky supported me and got me back on the right path to achieving my goals.

Nicky goes so much further than just providing a training program and diet. The emotional support she has provided me during my competition prep has played a huge role in my results and my inner transformation. She spent countless hours (including a lot of her own time) encouraging me to believe in myself and my abilities. Being very shy by nature, I never thought I’d be able to step onstage wearing next to nothing! But Nicky helped me conquer my fear and instilled a sense of confidence in myself that I’ve never had before.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the help from such a kind, generous woman. I’ve had an amazing experience for my first season, I even received a third placing in the IFBB bikini division! It’s safe to say that I am now completely hooked on competing, I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve in the sport with Nicky’s guidance!