Natasha Fewson

8 Week Challenge Stats!

Start Weight – 85.2Kg     Finish Weight – 75.2Kg


Tash made an AMAZING transformation in such a short time. She lost a total of 10kg and reduced her skins by 119.5mm. Her girth measurements were reduced by 32 cm! After meeting Tash late 2009, I provided her with a nutrition, exercise and supplement regime so she could train at home. She went off and made a great effort to reduce her weight from 95Kg to 85kg, by following the guidance I had given her. After being so motivated with the progress she had made so far, she came back to see me as she started reaching a plateau, and deciding she really wanted to kick it up a notch.  

Committing to 3 sessions for a period of 8 weeks, Tash certainly had her obstacles. She has battled with chronic fatigue problems which have been reduced remarkably since changing her lifestyle habits. Tash and her partner are both shift workers with a young child, so making time and balancing her lifestyle were extremely important. She is now has learnt the strategies to successfully manage her daily routines to suit a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, and therefore reduced her stress level and increased her energy levels.  During the challenge Tash also got Pneumonia (mild), which she had already decided was not going to impact her commitment to improving her lifestyle or get in the way of her achieving her goals. So we ensured she maintained her eating and adjusted her training so her body was able to recover.
In Tash’s words...

“I want to thank Nicky for all the support and guidance she has offered me since meeting her late last year. During this time I have been able to greatly improve ALL areas of my life. I have learnt the importance of proper training, nutrition and supplementation in order to achieve maintainable results. Since finishing the challenge back in April, I am happy to report that 6 months later I am still at 75Kg’s! So from my first meeting with Nicky I have lost a total of 20Kg’s. Not only is she very knowledgeable in the area of health and wellness, but incredibly she is the nicest, most caring person you could meet. Her passion for helping and sharing with other women is awesome and she is now is not only my mentor and inspiration, but also one of my closest friends.”