Lesley Atkinson

My name is Lesley and I am a 37 years ‘young’ office worker from the Gold Coast.  I am originally from the UK and emigrated to Australia 6 years ago – I am now proud to be an Australian Citizen.

I have always been a ‘lifting weights’ kind of girl but my fitness journey has been on and off over the years to say the least.  Even in my most focussed periods, I was going about it all the wrong way so I never looked as fit and strong as I felt.  We all know how disheartening that is and how it contributes to poor nutrition.  In my mind, I looked like crap even though I was killing myself in the gym so it really made no difference what I ate – that’s just the way my body looked.  It was an EXCUSE!!!

For as long as I can remember I have read fitness magazines and have pictures of the fitness model girls pinned up all around my desk for inspiration.  For years, people have been asking if that is how I want to look.  For years, I didn’t manage to change my appearance despite having those pictures around me.

Why is that???  Well it’s because I didn’t believe that I could look like that.  I found all the reasons why they looked like that and I didn’t…..it was because mostly they were fitness industry related people so they were already healthy and looking that way was their job…..it was because they were just born that way, it was because they were lucky enough not to have a sweet tough – the EXCUSES went on and on!!

One morning in April 2011, I logged into facebook to see that a friend I hadn’t seen for a few months had competed in a novice figure competition.  She was just like me before…..a REAL person…..a regular girl who went to the gym but also enjoyed drinking and eating!!  The transformation was out of this world.  Just look what she had done……my friend….the REAL person.  I spent the next 24 hours in absolute excitement at her awesome achievements….then 48 hours after that ‘wondering’ whether I could ever do something like that. 

What happened next changed everything about my life and the way I would live it from that day on.  For the first time I believed in myself and decided I COULD do it.  It wasn’t something I was conscious of, but that is definitely what happened.  I called my friend to get as much information about her journey as I could and then got straight on the phone to Nicky Jankovic – her trainer.  I first met with Nicky on 23rd April 2011 (Easter Saturday) at 34.1% body fat. We sat and talked about my goal and what would be involved if I decided I still wanted to get on that stage.  Nicky was extremely helpful but also very honest and realistic. She explained that we would aim for the October contest but if we didn’t make it, March wasn’t too far away….I went home and cried – I had started to doubt myself again already.  I was about to give up before I’d even started through fear of failure.  My boyfriend sat me down and reminded me of how I felt seeing my friend’s pictures.  He reminded me that if I believed and made these changes – even if I didn’t hit the stage in October, I would still be a fitter, leaner me and would hopefully have increased my self-esteem.  He told me that he 100% believed that I WOULD be on that stage in October.  I went into the kitchen and threw my un-opened Easter egg into the bin.  No more starting my plan on a Monday – I started that very Saturday (who starts a brand new healthy way of life on a Saturday???).  I see now that was the start of the new me.


Within the first few sessions, Nicky started to see just how determined I was to make this happen…..and by October too!!  I followed her advice to the letter and just kept focussed on our ‘vision’.  My physique started to change and people were starting to comment.  I started to feel ‘slightly’ amazing and my vision was getting stronger and stronger by the day.

Nicky was with me through my entire journey – the highs and the lows.  Through every step she displayed the qualities that you would look for in one of your best friends – honesty and loyalty!!  Even when discussing my ‘lagging’ body parts I never felt ashamed or conscious.  It was Nicky’s job to look at me objectively and help me to improve what needed improving and she always did it in a positive encouraging manner.


What Nicky did for me went wayyyyy beyond personal training – and anybody that follows her page can probably already see that.  Nicky changes people’s lives.  I mean really turns peoples life’s around FOREVER.  After what I experienced with Nicky, I felt like I had probably been her biggest transformation ever – I mean look at the changes!!  Having worked with Nicky for over a year now, I have watched her doing this for other fantastic girls and women again and again and again.  There was no fluke in my transformation.  These were just a bunch of women that REALLY wanted to make the change, and an amazingly gifted person who truly wants to HELP people.  Recipe for SUCCESS J

The final thing that I want to acknowledge is the amazing network of ‘Fit Chics’ that has grown.  We have our own little private Facebook group where we all catch up and chat and help each other out.  I am lucky and have the most amazing supportive boyfriend and friends, but on speaking to many other women – they don’t necessarily have much of a support network out there.  You have no idea how powerful our little network can be – all our fitness sisters helping each other out.  Some great friendships have evolved from this network. 

Again this is something that is born from of a coach that is not just performing a job – she wakes up every day and works on what she can do to continue changing people’s lives in a healthy way.

WOW – I even made myself cry writing this all down………………..

See what happens when you just believe and trust???  I will never ever under-estimate myself again – not just in my fitness journey, but in ANYarea of my life.

I’ve read it many times and always thought it was just a saying……but we really are in control of our destiny and if you want something – you CANmake it happen.  Just look what I did!!!!!!

Thank you Nickster……..thank you from the bottom of my heart xx