Karrona Tep

My name is Karrona and I'm a 23 year old part-time Dentistry student and part-time Research Assistant. Growing up. I had never been athletic because I constantly had my nose in a book and accepted the idea that some people are born to sprint and swim, and I was born to apply myself head first in my studies. 

When I first studied at university, I realised I was another face in a much larger crowd, consisting of people with skills and knowledge extending much further than I could see in myself.  I felt like nothing else mattered as long as I got by because the best I could do wasn't that great anyway. The idea that passing was enough quickly became the attitude I acquired for lots of areas of my life, and I lost a lot of the ambition and spark I used to have in my younger days. 

Lots of personal and professional little things combined to make me see that I only had one life, and if somebody was successful in some or all areas of their life, what was stopping me from achieving my maximum potential? People aren't born successful, they have to work hard, be positive and sometimes fall to make it! By no means is being in your early 20's 'old', but I was aware that each year passed by so quickly there was no way I was going to get to retirement, regretting that I never seized opportunities and that I let my life get stale because it was easy. It was around this time that I developed a passion for fitness, seeing the improvements in my attitude and body contributed greatly to my new lust for life. I knew that having the right help and support was going to be nothing but beneficial- I needed the support of my friends and family, and it was time to get a personal trainer! 

I first saw Nicky at Phat Camp 2010, who had a killer bod and a presence that I just couldn't ignore (I was unfortunately too shy to have a chat)! I checked out her website, purchased a gruelling leg session from her online, and finally met her personally by attending her holiday workouts later in the year. This was the event that has changed my life completely and I have never looked back since then! Nicky is friendly, helpful, encouraging (beyond words), down to earth and has a great ear- all the things I ever wanted in a personal trainer, and not oddly enough, the qualities I search for in friends. I have only known her for just over 3 months (5 years now), but it feels like 30 years! And I'm not even 30 yet! She is wise, relatable and non-judgemental, a great strong role model. She has really helped me to achieve my goals, and together, we're still developing new, exciting ones and I actually believe I can reach all of them! I used to sit on my computer admiring IFBB bikini and figure pros, wishing that it was me. Now, I'm competing in my first ever comp and preparing for a fitness shoot! Apart from the spiritual and emotional side of things, training with Nicky is by no means a light walk in the park. If you are ready to make the necessary changes to your life and physique, Nicky will kick your soon-to-be-perky/ perkier butt!!