Jodie Muldoon

My name is Jodie and I'm a 32 year old who is currently a stay at home Mum to my beautiful 14 month old daughter.  I've known Nicky for many years and have done personal training with her previously. One of the many wonderful attributes of Nicky is her ability to teach you and empower you to be the best version of yourself. You cant help but be drawn to the amazing positive energy that she has. A natural born leader Nicky encourages you to be independent and confident. I've definitely taken away from my journey that there are no excuses -reasons maybe... which I can always overcome, however no excuses. Run your own race and own your choices, behaviours and decisions especially when it comes to your health. 

I've always lived a relative healthy and active lifestyle and 4 months after I had my daughter I returned to the gym. I did this for 6 months and dropped the baby weight, however I just didn't seem to be able to shift that mid section and wasn't 100% happy with my shape. I too heard the comments "Oh don't worry you're body is never the same after you have kids...". This just didn't sit with me and I knew I needed to enlist some help and Nicky was going to be the best person for the job!  Now what I didn't know at the time was how AMAZING Nicky was really going to be.  I thought I was in relatively good shape considering I'd had a baby 10 months previously. After only 3 months of working with Nicky I was up on stage for the INBA bikini competition and in the best shape of my life!!! I've lost 5% body fat and 8kgs!!! (I'm now less than before I fell pregnant).  Friends and family cannot believe my transformation and are surprised when they see that I eat a well balanced nutritious diet which does include carbs and even chocolate! My body shape has actually changed and I couldn't be happier. The training and nutrition has easily fitted into my busy family life - my husband has also dropped 5kgs without even trying from my cooking! 

I have really enjoyed my journey so much. I've heard horror stories of restrictive diets, hours a day training and up and down emotions - None of that for me.  Catching up with Nicky was time I looked forward too. Week by week I felt stronger and stronger both physically and mentally. Getting up on stage seemed effortless with the help of Nicky and the amazing professionals on her team.  Nutrition, bikinis, posing, hair and makeup on the day... I know I always got the best service that was available out there. Nicky loves what she does and is such a beautiful, kind hearted, genuine woman who conducts herself with integrity.   It is an absolute delight to recommend her to everyone!!! Whether you want to compete in the sport or be the best version of yourself you can be, Nicky will help you, and you wont regret it. 
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Nicky for believing in me and seeing what i didn't even know was possible!!  I now truly believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!! X