Jacinta Turner


Height 175cm
Start of Personal Training  - 81kgs
End of May – Weight 73.4kg
Week prior to Comp (Sept 21st) 60.6kg


After suffering from a stomach bug for over two months (which started out as simple gastro) with numerous doctor visit’s, blood test, and scope which showed nothing, visiting a naturopath, I decided to try a different approach; whilst sick I was nauseous all the time and only ever felt like eating carbs!!! excellent this is were I stacked on a few kilos, wouldn’t say I’m big but for myself who has been active all my life I felt crappy and sick, so time for a change.

I found Nicky through her website after searching for someone to help me with my Nutrition to try and sort out my stomach issues I’d been having.   I ended up starting out with a few PT sessions and Nutrition Plan which saw me drop four kilos in two weeks, which helped in taking the bloat I had for the past few months. With Nickys nutrition plans I have found myself with more energy, and slowly and steadily making a difference to my body shape.  

Training with Nicky takes me to a whole new level of strength she pushes me so far I feel so sore but got to love that feeling when you finish, her leg sessions are the bomb! And when your trainer is the picture of what you aspire to look like who wouldn’t want to be trained by her.  Pure motivation to keep on pushing through.  The other side of it is the mentoring and support Nicky offers, the text messages and emails not to mention all the knowledge she shares whilst you’re training, this lady has so much information to share its amazing.  Her passion for the health and fitness industry, and her love for helping others is beautiful.

 Onwards and upwards for 2011 I will continue to be fit, healthy and leaner.  My next goals is to complete the half marathon in July beat my previous personal best time sub  1hour 55mins and then hoping to get on stage in October in a figure comp, with the guidance of Nicky!  Thank you so much Nicky xx


Testimonial 2 - Updated

Well what a journey!!! I’ve had the pleasure of training with Nicky Jankovic for over twelve months originally it was to help out with my health problem I got from a bad bout of gastro which ended up affecting the lining of my stomach, so we worked on nutrition and I just love lifting weights.  Nicky was so glamorous and well I would say I’m a little tomboyish LOL, wasn’t a big person but I would only wear T-shirts (dag), after a little bit Nicky convinced me to start wearing my Lorna jane singlets and well the story rolls from there.  

At the start of the year I really started to nail my nutrition following Nicky’s plan.  We had spoken about Figure competitions as I’ve always admired and read Oxygen magazines, loved reading the stories, and following my role models, one of course being Nicky Jankovic.  Nicky suggested about going to Melbourne to watch the first Australian Pro Show (March) and I also got to watch Nic on stage, was the best thing ever and seeing the amazing lady Erin Stern, so star struck, so elegant!.  On the plane home I was tossing up the idea and then for another two months, finally the end of May I jumped in and told Nicky I wanted to compete.  We started our Journey!!! Nicky tightened up my plan and the weeks rolled on. Even now I still can’t believe that I’ve done my first show, didn’t realise how strong, dedicated and committed I could be but the thought of wearing a bikini scared the daylights out of me, I’ve never even worn a bikini to the beach or in front of my family !!  Self doubt kicked in at about four weeks out, but Nicky was fantastic, reminding me why I was doing it, GOALS!!! It wasn’t about winning, because winning for me was about getting on stage, Nicky continually reminded me that woman come in all shapes and sizes, everyone has flaws and to stop comparing myself to others.  Even the day prior to the show I was still scared about how I was going to look, but once the tans applied, hair and make up done you honestly fell a million dollars.  This experience well and truly took me out of my comfort zone, T-shirt to bikini in front of hundreds of people, naked tanning in front of girls I hadn’t know well (Team Fit Chics are the most beautiful, friendly and caring people.  Amazing team mates, and new friendships xx) once I walked off stage I was buzzing, so many emotions came over me, was holding in the tears, i'm still floating on cloud nine, and about to go through the process again to compete in the IFBB Sunday week.  I’m the smallest and leanest i've ever been, I feel strong, confident and most of all beautiful on the inside and out, Nicky’s taught me that taking that bit more pride in your appearance does a world of good for your self esteem.  Honestly don’t know how I could ever repay Nicky for what she has done for me over the past few months, the lessons/knowledge I’ve learnt from this will be continued on for a healthily lifestyle.  I’ve had so many messages of encouragement and support from my family and friends, my work have even said how much more positive I’ve become and it’s also motivating the people around me.  Nicky Jankovic is my Coach, Personal training, and gorgeous friend.  Love her and what she stands for xx