HEY there little lightworker

I was born in this world to be a teacher and to do that exceptionally well I have made a commitment to being a lifelong student.

I am obsessed with learning and go nuts for reading and anything empowering, that adds to my knowledge and ability to teach, as well as helps me be a better human.

Aside from my beautiful husband Marcus, my rockstar dogs Brix and Layla, and my family and friends, the one thing that brings me the greatest joy in the world is helping others find better health and a happy life. I would best describe myself as a Health and Fitness Professional/Badass/Hippie/Life Adventuring/Lightworker!

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Being a conscious Lightworker really brought a sense of clarity to the totality of my health and fitness work. I always knew I had bigger work to do, alongside creating the most EPIC workouts.

My vibe is driven by being a kind, positive and encouraging light in the world. I want to share everything I have learned along the way in the most open, truthful and authentic way so that I can light up others in the world.

What is a Lightworker? It's someone who honours a personal commitment to being a more positive, compassionate, kind and encouraging person in the world, and who through their actions help others find their own light.

Light work is about simply being a light in the world and sharing your truth and authentic self in order to serve others.It is about having a purpose in the world that allows others to also bring their own unique talents and gifts to the world.

Girls these days are so consumed by thoughts about their weight, body shape and how they look, as compared to and measured by, the stupid ideals promoted by society. There is so much sadness and despair as they are unable to engage fully in life, lack self-worth, and can’t find meaning because they are constantly thinking about food and how to 'fix' their body. That shit really saddens me.

Firstly, what a tragedy it is that so many women with unique gifts and talents to share with the world, are sitting around wasting their beautiful lives scrolling on social media. How much of the mind and thought process is being wasted comparing ourselves and feeling defeated because of the comparison trap? Imagine if every second of that time was instead spent studying, reading, working out, learning a new skill, finding a new hobby, volunteering or spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. What if every second that was spent thinking about your body shape and what food you can, can't, should, shouldn't eat, was in place spent sitting in silence and listening to your thoughts, that inner voice, and connecting with who you really are at the deepest level? Your life should not be constantly consumed with thoughts anout food, your weight, and how your body looks in a bikini.

Ladies we are so much better than this. To make the change, we need to be the change.

We need to as humanity get our minds focused back onto what is truly important to YOU. What makes you smile and happy? What do you want to contribute to the world? What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to reach young women.

To get out there and live big fully engaged lives and not fall victim to perfectionism and trying to meet crazy ideals like I did. It's not that I didn't think I was good enough deep down, but it was it was my constant obsession with fixing things, unrealistic standards and unrelenting pressure that I could always 'do better'. I had an unhealthy expectation of myself which was exceptionally high. I cruised and held myself back instead of realizing that I am human, and getting out there with my message and acknowledging that as long as I was doing my best, that was enough.

I want to reach women around my age.

I want to show them that it's not too late. That if you feel like you have 'wasted' your life, or not chased or achieved your goals, then there is no better time than now. Fuck age discrimination. You are of no less value and have just as an important purpose as anyone else. If you are lost, overwhelmed, have a ‘calling’, a 'knowing', or are just simply ready to finally live your best life, again, there is no better time than NOW!

Wherever you are at in your life right now I feel you. I have been at many crossroads in my life before that have really tested me across many areas of who I am. The journey has led me here with so much raw, real, and uncut determination to mobilise all women who are ready to jump right into the fifth dimension (for realz? Haha).

We all have a responsibility to each other and the greater world, and lets’ be honest, shit is just wayyyy more fun when you ‘phone a friend’ right?

I can’t wait to meet you, hear from you, work with you, skype with you, event with you, or black coffee almond milk with you.

Love and Light xx



Nicky Jankovic is a leading coach in the areas of health, fitness, and happiness. In the early years, she worked with all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to help women achieve not only a better body shape but a healthy lifestyle mindset. Nicky has worked in many areas of the health and fitness industry, most notably as a one of Australia’s most sort after coaches to young female athletes. This success was largely due to her easy going coaching style, focus on mindset, and teaching women about working from the inside to become the best versions of themselves. Her approach included injecting a sense of ‘realness’ and a ‘soft touch’ to bodybuilding, as well as a component of ‘health and fitness’ to a sport where extremes methods are all too common.

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With a love of sport from a young age, she found herself drawn to a career in the health and fitness industry. Today, her experience in the industry spans 18 years and includes the completion of a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Education. After completing her studies, Nicky became an advocate for women’s health and fitness, with a particular focus on positive body image and realistic approaches to health and fitness for women. Around this time, she also became involved in body shaping events in both Figure and Bikini divisions. Through her success she was invited to represent Australia on the world stage at the most prestigious amateur body building event ‘The IFBB Arnold Classic Amatuers’ in Colombus, OHIO in 2011. Throughout her career, Nicky has appeared as a cover model on national and international fitness publications, ‘Oxygen Magazine’, ‘UltraFit Magazine’, and ‘NZ Fitness Life Magazine’, and also was given the opportunity to share her knowledge and motivate women towards a healthier lifestyle by contributing to these magazines as a fitness writer. Now in her 30’s (whoa, when did that happen?!), Nicky’s biggest focus is to show women how to be ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’ through her proven systems. As a result she has stepped away from the competitive body shaping arena and focus on body transformation to work on coaching everyday women on how to become healthier, happier, and a more powerful version of themselves. At the core, the Nicky Jankovic method is about mobilizing all generations of women to bring their light to the world by living with passion and having a deeper purpose. Health and fitness is the foundation to bringing your best and functioning at optimal. As a leader in her field Nicky is a passionate teacher who through her way with words, both written and spoken, is committed to making a global impact.

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